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Netflix fans 'totally hooked' by Andrew Scott's new psychological thriller with high Rotten Tomatoes score

Netflix fans 'totally hooked' by Andrew Scott's new psychological thriller with high Rotten Tomatoes score

The show is filmed in black and white

Netflix fans are 'totally hooked' by a new psychological thriller that boasts a high Rotten Tomatoes score.

Starring Andrew Scott, the show landed on the platform yesterday (4 April), and viewers have already been binging the eight episodes.

It’s filmed totally in black and white and is based on the legendary 1995 novel The Talented Mr Ripley – yes, Matt Damon’s played the role before.

Ripley follows the grafter, Tom Ripley, scraping by in early 1960s New York when he’s hired by a wealthy man to travel over to Italy and convince his ‘vagabond son to return home’.

And by accepting that job, he takes ‘the first step into a complex life of deceit, fraud and murder’.

Written and directed by Steven Zaillan, the new Netflix series also stars Dakota Fanning and Johnny Flynn.

Having only been on the streaming site for a day, Ripley already has a very decent 88 percent, certified fresh score on the Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer.

There’s not a lot of audience ratings logged on the site just yet (fewer than 50 at the time of writing), but it has an alright 62 percent audience score.

And over on X, users are absolutely raving about the new show as one joked: “Ripley is the most beautiful show Netflix has ever made, it’s just shots of Andrew Scott.”

All I’ve got to say on that one is well, very fair enough.


Others gave praise more for the actually series itself as they put: “RIPLEY on Netflix is a complete surprise, a stylish and gripping recreation of 60s noir on a service that doesn’t do this kind of thing all the time. Out of the box but not too sweaty about it, fresh, delicious — frankly, I’m engrossed. Best TV of 2024 yet?”

Another also put: “Half time break. Watching Ripley: a little slow to start but now? “Totally hooked. Mesmerising Andrew Scott plays Tom Ripley - a much darker even more flawed grifter than Matt Damon’s ‘Tom’ in the Ripley film.

“Love it’s shot in B&W. Am totally engrossed.”


Others called it a ‘brilliant show’ as some simply just put ‘wow’.

One wrote: “Excellent cinematography, script, and of course #andrewscott masterful.”

Another even said: “What a beautiful show that is. The black-and-white photography is amazing. I have a good TV, but would gladly spend hours watching this series in a theatre if I could.”

And one on Rotten Tomatoes put: “Slow, deliberate, tense, deeply satisfying. Gorgeous cinematography. Andrew Scott is scary, glacial and mesmerising.”

Ripley is now available to watch on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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