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Netflix viewers ‘never want to go to a hospital ever again’ after watching ‘creepy’ series based on a true story

Netflix viewers ‘never want to go to a hospital ever again’ after watching ‘creepy’ series based on a true story

The series has left viewers seriously creeped out

Netflix viewers have been left horrified after watching a chilling crime drama based on a true story.

I know, there's a lot to watch at the moment with every new thing on Netflix being the next best thing everyone can't stop talking about.

But sometimes you have to trust the hype, and this 2023 miniseries is one of those times.

Another one to add to your list, folks.

The Nurse centres on newly qualified nurse Pernille Kurzmann, who takes up a job at Nykøbing Falster Hospital in Denmark where she strikes up a friendship with the hospital’s top nurse, Christina Aistrup Hansen.

Hansen is adored by staff, but Kurzmann notices that when working on a night shift, chaos would often ensue when seemingly stable patients suddenly take a serious turn for the worse - only to be heroically brought back from the brink by Hansen.

But on some occasions Hansen isn’t able to save the ailing patients and Kurzmann begins to grow suspicious that her colleague may have a hand in their deaths.

The series is based upon Kristian Corfixen's book The Nurse: Inside Denmark's Most Sensational Criminal Trial, which covered the true story of Hansen and the evidence that led police to charge her in the deaths of four patients.

Viewers have been left shaken up after watching the series with some saying it’s made them scared to ever go into a hospital.

Catch the trailer here:

Posting on X, one said: “Has anyone else watched The Nurse on Netflix? I can't stop watching. Based on a true story. Highly recommended for binge watching as only four episodes.”

Another wrote: “The Nurse on Netflix is so creepy yet so good and the fact it’s based on a true story makes it creepier.”

While a third commented: “Started watching The Nurse on Netflix and it’s basically like The Good Nurse, both true stories. Makes me never want to go to a hospital ever again.”

Director Kasper Barfoed told Tudum: "So many people suspected something or saw something — and yet it’s the new nurse, the one who’s in her first job who not only senses something is wrong, but who actually does something about it and risks everything.

Josephine Park as Christina Aistrup Hansen and Fanny Louise Bernth as Pernille Kurzmann in The Nurse.

“[Making the series] became a lot about trying to be loyal to Pernille and the situation she was in. We wanted the audience to be able to feel how difficult this is. It’s not just pushing a button and then you’re a whistleblower.”

The four-part series has parallels to Netflix’s 2022 movie The Good Nurse, starring Eddie Redmayne as nurse Charles Cullens - a serial killer who is eventually caught by his colleague Amy Loughren (played by Jessica Chastain). Much like The Nurse, The Good Nurse is also based upon a true story.

If you fancy checking it out for yourself, The Nurse is available to stream on Netflix right now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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