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Netflix is dropping a special release on Christmas Day which will 'break the internet'

Netflix is dropping a special release on Christmas Day which will 'break the internet'

Netflix have a gift for viewers on December 25 that is sure to bring some humour to your holiday fun

After you've opened all your gifts and tucked into your turkey dinner, you can settle down and unwrap Netflix's present to viewers on the big day.

The streaming platform is dropping a highly anticipated special on 25 December - and the star of it believes that it is that good, it will overshadow the festivities and 'break the internet'.

We're talking about Ricky Gervais' record-breaking Armageddon tour finally hitting our screens, of course.

The stand-up special will be released on Netflix on Christmas Day and the comedian can't wait for it - he seems to think it's the perfect TV prezzie for us to engross ourselves in after one too many mince pies.

He is still happy to share the spotlight though and captioned an image of his promo poster: "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"

But Gervais clearly thinks his jokes will outshine the Son of God's birthday shindigs, as he teased in a post on X: "For the next 2,000 years, people will remember the 25th December as the day Armageddon was released on Netflix."

The official synopsis for Armageddon reads: "Ricky Gervais dishes out controversial takes on political correctness and oversensitivity in a taboo-busting comedy special about the end of humanity."

Gervais' third Netflix exclusive special, following 2018's Humanity and SuperNature in 2022, is a one-hour programme which shows fans the funnyman's gig at the London Palladium earlier this year.

He shared another promotional post for it on 13 December, asking his followers: "You ready to break the internet?"

Ricky Gervais' new comedy special lands on Netflix on 25 December.

Although he wants viewers to enjoy his jokes on Christmas Day, he has already warned people to consider the company they're in before switching it on.

Fans were keen to find out if his set was family friendly so that there wouldn't be any awkward moments when everyone is snuggled up together passing around a box of Quality Street on 25 December.

One person asked if it was 'suitable to watch with my Nan and Gramp' and the comedian obviously sniped back with a chucklesome comment - which by the way, seems to suggest your grandparents might swallow their teeth if they watched Armageddon.

Gervais replied: "Depends. Do they enjoy watching a middle age man swearing, joking about the holocaust and pretending to w*** off a paedophile?"

It's obviously quite an eyebrow raising description of the content in his best-selling show, but social media users lapped it up and said they couldn't wait for more laughter with the Derek star.

The comedian is already in trouble for his jokes in Armageddon.
Lloyd Bishop/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

But another snippet of the comedy special has already landed him in hot water as people called for Netflix to remove one of his skits from Armageddon, launching a petition which amassed thousands of signatures.

During the show, Gervais performs a routine about terminally ill children which has been shared online to promote the show, but it went down like a lead balloon.

The 62-year-old jokes about being super busy making videos for terminally ill children as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, explaining that he only did so when asked by the kids.

He said he doesn't 'burst into hospitals and go wake up baldie', before adding that he always started his videos to terminally ill children by saying 'why didn't you wish to get better'.

Ashley Cain, who sadly lost his daughter Azaylia to cancer in 2021, said he'd previously been a fan of Gervais but 'making a mockery of dying children' had caused him to get 'so mad at this'.

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