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Netflix viewers issue warning after ‘nastily unsettling’ new horror leaves people disturbed

Netflix viewers issue warning after ‘nastily unsettling’ new horror leaves people disturbed

Even the guy who wrote the movie has been warning people about how dark it is

Netflix recently added a seriously dark and disturbing horror movie and viewers have been warning others about what they're getting in for.

Even one of the film's writers has been on social media warning people about it lest they get themselves seriously spooked. Check out the trailer here:

Now we've got Christmas, Betwixtmas and the whole rigmarole of New Year's out of the way, it's time to find something to do in January.

While it might be a rainy and gloomy month to slog through, perhaps the perfect thing to do is wrap up warm on the sofa and plonk yourself in front of a horror movie to banish the cloying joy of all those Christmas films you just saw.

You can always trust Netflix to have some creepy horror film you've not yet watched lurking somewhere among all of the discontinued TV shows the streaming service has to offer.

Pretty recently, Netflix added 2019 horror film The Lodge to their lineup, but those who've tuned in to watch it have warned that it's a pretty scary movie.

Riley Keough stars in The Lodge.
Roadshow Films/Netflix

Leading the warnings is Sergio Casci, one of the film's scriptwriters, who welcomed it being 'finally available on Netflix UK' before telling his followers: "Warning - it's very dark."

He's not the only one who's been saying how spooky The Lodge is as plenty of others who watched it already have been giving off warnings to abandon hope all ye who enter, or words to that effect.

One fan called it a 'really dark, scary and sad movie' and we hope they mean 'sad' in a good way and not just something quite depressing.

Others have said the film is 'so creepy' and 'nastily unsettling', though some who've seen it have actually warned people not to watch the movie as they started out 'fascinated' by the film but ultimately found it too disturbing.

Netflix viewers have said The Lodge is dark and disturbing.
Roadshow Films/Netflix

The Lodge follows the tale of Grace (Riley Keough), a survivor of a deadly cult who is getting close to Richard (Richard Armitage) and his family.

They're all headed up to Richard's remote lodge away from civilisation, which is a frankly terrible idea when you're the characters in a horror movie.

Even worse, Richard's kids don't seem to like Grace and learn about the cult she was part of, which only sours things further.

Then Richard departs and leaves his kids and partner alone together, and then quite a lot more stuff happens which we won't spoil so you can experience it yourself.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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