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Harrowing new Netflix true crime doc 'that will take pieces from your soul' branded 'must watch'

Harrowing new Netflix true crime doc 'that will take pieces from your soul' branded 'must watch'

This gruelling series has left viewers stunned but hooked

Netflix is notorious for delivering gripping true crime, and their latest offering is no exception.

This new series is the brainchild of Dick Wolf, who people will know as the creator of Law & Order.

Anyone familiar with the show and its spin-offs will know that many of its story lines are inspired by real-life headlines.

But this latest series is entirely factual.

This show has been branded a 'must watch' by viewers.

Netflix's Homicide: New York has been hailed by viewers as a 'must watch'.

This series contains interviews with cops and detectives as they recall details from some of their grisliest and bloodiest cases.

Executive producer Adam Kassen told Netflix: "In New York, homicide detectives are divided between north and south Manhattan.

"The NYPD is massive. You can work in that department and not actually know somebody for years.

"All the folks on the show know each other — they either worked together loosely or were connected somehow.

"And that was what we started with, a group of folks that were connected, that cared about their cases."

A different case is featured in each of the series' five episodes.

The episodes cover gruesome crimes such as the 1997 stabbing of a man in Central Park and the 2001 Carnegie Deli massacre –– in which five people were found shot in an apartment above the restaurant.

Alongside police officers, survivors and families of the victims are interviewed in each episode.

Executive producer Jane Lipsitz said: "You don’t have the context of the victim’s families and friends. That obviously is a huge part of it, and really creates some emotional connection for the audience."

Other chilling cases chronicled in the series include the disappearance of cleaner Eridania Rodriguez, who vanished after showing up her shift on Wall Street.

There's also the horrific story of the East Harlem serial killer, who targeted Black and Latina women over a series of years.

The series interviews police officers who investigated the cases.

Needless to say, these unnerving cases had viewers feeling disturbed - but also gripped.

They took to social media to share their reactions to the show.

One viewer tweeted: "Homicide New York is a must watch."

Another wrote: "Finishing up Homicide New York because I'm a sucker for that s**t."

"Homicide New York on Netflix should be a show forever, because it's so good," gushed a fellow fan.

Another tweeted: "I’m watching this Homicide:New York show on Netflix. These cases are INSANE. Especially this Central Park case nothing but privilege. SMH [Shaking my head]."

Homicide New York is available for streaming on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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