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Elliot Stabler's New Law & Order Series Officially Debuts In April

Elliot Stabler's New Law & Order Series Officially Debuts In April

The show will debut following the long-awaited reunion between Benson and Stabler on SVU.

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch

Get excited Law & Order fans, because we now have an official release date for the highly-anticipated spinoff series, Law & Order: Organized Crime.

The new crime series will debut on April 1 and stars fan favourite Detective Elliot Stabler (played by Christopher Meloni) as he deals with a 'personal loss' and returns to the NYPD.

The network has detailed the official synopsis for the programme and it sounds incredible.

"The city and police department have changed dramatically in the decade he's been away, and he must adapt to a criminal justice system in the midst of its own moment of reckoning," the synopsis read.

"Throughout the series, we will follow Stabler's journey to find absolution and rebuild his life, while leading a new elite task force that is taking apart the city's most powerful criminal syndicates one by one."

The show will kick off following a very special episode of SVU, where Stabler will reunite with former partner Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), presumably for the first time since he left in 2011.

Stabler left the Special Victims Unit under the guise that he was retiring from the force. His final episode, titled 'Smoked', was a doozy as well, which left the squad room in tatters.

Following Stabler's exit, Hargitay's character later went on to become Captain of the Special Victims Unit.

In an interview on the Variety After-Show in July, Meloni spoke of returning to his much-loved character after so long.

"I think I maybe wanted to be less of a journeyman or a nomad because I've been doing that. It's been great...but after a while, you're like, 'Let's look for a home base again for a while," he said.

Rumours that our favourite crime-fighting duo were finally going to reunite went into overdrive last year when Meloni hinted that something involving the pair was in the works.

Speaking on The Talk, Meloni said that fans can expect answers to questions surrounding his sudden exit from SVU: "There are a lot of unanswered questions about how he left, why the silence vis-à-vis Olivia Benson.

"I think, in real terms, society, and what we are dealing with in society, has changed dramatically. It's just changed. So, I think you have to address that. And, I think the person Elliot was... I think we all evolved.

"I think all those things are going to be put into play when you see his return."

Joining Christopher Meloni on the new Law & Order series are Dylan McDermott (The Practice, American Horror Story) and Tamara Taylor (Bones, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

The spinoff was created by L&O overlord Dick Wolf, who executive produces along with showrunner Ilene Chaiken, Terry Miller, Fred Berner, Arthur W. Forney, and Peter Jankowski.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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