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Stranger Things creators shut down one of most popular fan theories for how show will end

Stranger Things creators shut down one of most popular fan theories for how show will end

The Duffer brothers have shot down a popular fan theory, unless it's a bluff

The creators of Stranger Things have responded to a popular fan theory about how the show will end to say it's definitely not going to go down like that.

Just how soon we'll get the final season of the popular Netflix show remains to be seen, but we do at least know how it'll all kick off.

Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers shared the first scene in season five on social media, or at least the first moments of it.

As far as we know it's going to begin with: “The sound of COLD WIND. GROANING TREES.


“A CHILD’S VOICE. Singing a familiar song.”

What happens next is something we'll just have to wait and see, and we might be waiting a while due to the strikes which brought Hollywood to a standstill, but the big speculation is all about just how the show is going to end.

Ross and Matt Duffer, the creators of Stranger Things, have shot down a popular fan theory.
Dave Benett/Getty Images

We've only got the fifth and final season left to go so however it wraps up this time is going to be the actual end.

The Duffer brothers have claimed that season five will be 'like season one on steroids', which means all the action will be going on in Hawkins but on a much bigger scale.

While the creators teased the prospect of future spin-offs, they said 'the story of Eleven and Dustin and Lucas and Hopper' will come to an end in season five.

As for how it ends, fan speculation is rife on that front and one of the most popular theories is the show will all be revealed to have been a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Stranger Things has sparked a surge of interest in the role-playing tabletop game and many of the characters play it in the show as well.

The names of popular D&D monsters the Demogorgon, Mind Flayer and Vecna have been taken for the show's main baddies, though they look quite unlike their fantasy counterparts.

Is Stranger Things all just a game of Dungeons and Dragons? Nope, apparently not.

So then it might make sense for all of the kids to have been playing D&D and the entire adventure be something they cooked up in their imagination to make a small town in America seem more interesting.

Sorry gang, but if you were a supporter of this theory then the Duffer brothers themselves have shut it down.

Speaking to the Metro at the premiere of theatrical spin-off Stranger Things: The First Shadow, Matt Duffer joked 'that is correct, that is the ending' before dropping the laughs and simply saying: "No."

"That would be the equivalent of 'that’s all a dream'. No, I assure you that is not how we’re going to end the show," his brother Ross added to further shoot down the fan theories.

"We’ve known where we’ve been going for a while. And we feel comfortable with it; hopefully, it satisfies everyone. We’ll see."

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