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New Netflix World War Two Film Is Being Called A Must Watch

New Netflix World War Two Film Is Being Called A Must Watch

Munich: The Edge of War has been a hit with viewers and critics

A new World War Two movie is being called a 'must watch'. See the trailer below:

Munich: The Edge of War landed on Netflix last month and centres on the infamous 1938 agreement made between British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler.

It stars Jeremy Irons as Chamberlain as well as George MacKay (1917) as Hugh Legal and Jannis Niewöhner as Paul von Hartmann.

The film is based on the novel by Robert Harris, 'Munich', which focuses on the signing of the Munich agreement, a pact that enabled Hitler to take control of the disputed Sudetenland in exchange for not using his military.

The agreement failed to prevent the start of a Second World War and ruined Chamberlain's reputation, with him forever known as an 'appeaser'.

The official synopsis reads: "It is fall 1938, and Europe is on the brink of war. Adolf Hitler is preparing to invade Czechoslovakia and Neville Chamberlain’s British government is desperately trying to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Jeremy Irons stars as Neville Chamberlain.

"In the face of the mounting pressure, British civil servant Hugh Legat and German diplomat Paul von Hartmann travel to the emergency meeting in Munich. 

"As discussions commence, the two old friends find themselves tangled in a web of political deceit and threats.

"Can the war be avoided with the whole world watching? And if it can, at what cost?"

Since it landed, the movie has proved to be a huge hit with viewers and critics alike, scoring a pretty impressive 86 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Praising the film, Randy Myers from Mercury News said: "Director Christian Schwochow has made a classy thriller and draws out strong performances from all three of his main actors."

The film is being called a 'must watch'.

While Michael O'Sullivan of the Washington Post wrote: "A mixture of well-researched historical fact and pure fiction, Munich: The Edge of War is a smart and entertaining thriller that suffers from just one thing: We all know how it ends."

And those who have seen it are calling it a 'must watch'.

Writing on Twitter, one fan said: "Just watched “Munich: Edge of War”. Wow! If you’re a WWII buff and a historian, this was absolutely amazing. Very recommended."

Echoing the remarks, another wrote: "Go watch “Munich - The Edge of War” on Netflix immediately. Amazing. Outstanding. Spectacular. Magnificent."

"Munich: The Edge of War.. must watch..well executed," put a third.

While another added: "Munich- The edge of War. You must watch this movie on Netflix. That’s all."

Munich: The Edge of War is currently available to watch on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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