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Nick Grimshaw said he once projectile vomited in front of Drake at party

Nick Grimshaw said he once projectile vomited in front of Drake at party

Nick has recalled an incident that occurred after he was invited to one of Drake's parties back in 2010

We've all done something deeply embarrassing on a night out, but Nick Grimshaw's encounter with Drake has to be up there as one of the most mortifying.

The former Radio 1 presenter, 38, has recalled an incident in which he was invited to one of Drake's studio parties by his friend Florence Welch, after the 2010 MTV VMAs.

In his new autobiography, Soft Lad, Grimshaw explained how things started to take a turn when he smoked on a 'comedy-sized spliff'.

"Drake played some tunes and Flo wailed along while someone passed around a comedy-sized cartoon-like spliff. I chuffed down on it and smiled at Drake," he wrote.

But in perhaps the worst timing ever, the radio host suddenly had the overwhelming urge to throw up after puffing on the joint.

Thankfully, Grimshaw managed to get outside before throwing up, but it ended up being live streamed to everyone in attendance... including Champagne Papi himself.

“I stepped a foot outside and proceeded to projectile vomit for what felt like 30 minutes," he added.

“I stepped back in, pale and smelling slightly of vom. The room erupted into a fit of laughter.

The presenter has recalled an incident in which he was invited to one of Drake's studio parties.
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“I looked up to see a CCTV screen showing the exact location of the vom incident. I had it live streamed into the studio.”

We're going to remember this next time we're suffering from some major 'hangxiety'...

In his new book, Grimshaw also discusses his A-list friendships with the likes of supermodel Kate Moss and late singer Amy Winehouse.

He said he first met the 'Rehab' singer after running into her in Camden while working at MTV.

“We’d all go back to hers and fire up her electric sun bed. We’d sit on the floor side by side and toss our heads back into it to tan our faces while smoking fags and drinking a mini Red Stripe," he recalled.

Grimshaw also partied with Lindsay Lohan, while with his parents - his mum Eileen and late dad, Pete, who he lost to bladder cancer in 2016.

One night at members’ club Annabel’s in London, he said Lohan became obsessed with making sure his mum wasn't getting cold.

“She offered to nip home to get Eileen one of her Chanel cardigans," he wrote.

Ahead of his autobiography's release on 27 October, Grimshaw opened up about his new book on Instagram, describing it as one of the 'most rewarding experiences' of his career.

In his new book, Nick also discusses his A-list friendships.
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"Most of the the time I don’t find it difficult to chat, chatting is my thing, I’ve made it my profession and can pretty much chat s**t to anyone about anything, but when it came to looking back on the various moments of my life and figuring out those worth sharing - there was something about it that felt more final, more uncomfortable and to be honest, a lot BIGGER and scarier," he wrote.

"Much like a turbo charged therapy sesh over many, many months. It made me want to hide, it made me question myself and at times, scream. It was enormous. It was hard. How did I know I was doing it right? What if….everyone hates it?

"I can honestly say it’s been one of the hardest, but best, most rewarding experiences of my career."

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/Instagram/@champagnepapi

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