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What Is Niko Omilana’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Niko Omilana’s Net Worth In 2022?

The popular YouTuber is known for his viral videos and funny sketches, but what is he worth?

Niko Omilana is an English YouTuber most known for his well produced videos and comedy sketches. Niko recently made headlines following a Youtube video he published where he travelled to America to interview and prank the leader of the KKK. 

However this is just one of Niko’s viral videos. In 2021 he started a campaign to become the Mayor of London and managed to become the highest-place independent candidate, gaining 49,638 votes.

With his Youtube successes so far and his thriving relevance within the space, what is Niko’s net worth in 2022?

What Is Niko Omilana’s Net Worth?

According to Net Worth Spot, Niko Ominlana has an estimated net worth of $609,000 (£482,723). 

With nearly 4 million subscribers on Youtube, Niko is one of the most-viewed creators on the platform, and that is only increasing with the quality of his video ideas.

He is also part of a Youtube group called Beta Squad, which consists of five members that create weekly content similar to the Sidemen

Omilana was born and raised in Staffordshire, and moved to London to further his career within the video-creating world. He has worked with several famous names including london-born rapper Stormzy

In his 2021 manifesto to become the Mayor of London he outlined some important changes he would have made such as: 

  • Returning the price of Freddos to 5p
  • Employing more policemen to put inside the houses of parliament, as ‘that’s where the real criminals are’.
  • All racists having their teeth removed
  • Turn off power in London once a year and call it ‘Londoff’

And these are just a few of the changes Niko promised to make if he was elected as Mayor of London.

Currently, he resides in a £5 million mansion with members of the Beta Squad, known as Chunkz, Aj Shabeel and Sharky and King Kenny.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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