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What Is Chunkz’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Chunkz’s Net Worth In 2022?

Chunkz has made a name for himself in the YouTube and TV industry.

Amin Mohammed, better known by his stage name of Chunkz, is a Youtuber and entertainer, known for his vibrant, positive personality.

Chunkz has accumulated over 2.2 million subscribers on his own channel and he is also part of the youtube group ‘Beta Squad’ who have amassed over 3 million subscribers themselves. Alongside this, Chunkz also appears extremely regularly on other large Youtube channels such as ‘Pro Direct’ or ‘Footasylum’, with the hit show ‘Does the Shoe Fit?’ on the latters’ channel being a great example of the energetic energy Chunkz is admired for.

His popularity and admiration from fans around the country was also evident through his victory of ‘Best Media Personality’ at the 2020 MOBO awards.

Chunkz’ rise to stardom came as a result of his feature as Aznee on Big Shaq’s viral 2017 song ‘Man’s Not Hot’. Chunkz also had a brief yet successful music career of his own, but in May 2021 he declared his departure from the industry due to his religious beliefs, with many of his fans responding well to his decision online.

With his individual youtube and music success, along with the popularity he enjoys from channels across the youtube platform, what is Chunkz net worth in 2022?

What is Chunkz's Net Worth?

According to Net Worth Spot, Chunkz has an estimated net worth of $527,000 (£450,750).

Even after quitting music, Chunkz financial situation is still impressive as he continues to gain sponsorships whilst also being the co-host of #SaturdaySocial and The Aphetor Games. 

Although not overly active on his main Youtube channel, the popularity of Beta Squad is growing significantly, and their weekly videos are gaining an impressive amount of viewers. Their subscriber count in the last 30 days is up 40% on their normal growth, which could be down to a recent hit video featuring youtube sensation KSI

Away from his appearances on the internet, Chunkz has also been on a continuous and massively impressive journey of staying fit - shedding 42 kilos in the last couple of years which he has been unsurprisingly hailed for online.

Currently, Chunkz resides in a $5 million dollar mansion with his best friends and fellow Beta Squad members, Niko Omilana, Sharky, AJ Shabeel and King Kenny.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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