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Oscar nominees gifted piece of land in this year's goodie bags

Oscar nominees gifted piece of land in this year's goodie bags

The swag bags also include everything from silk pillowcases to, um, a facelift

Oscar nominees this year are being gifted a piece of land – yes, actual land – in their famously lavish six-figure goodie bags.

The swag bags, which are unaffiliated with the Academy, are sent out to acting and directing nominees by LA-based ‘niche marketing company’ Distinctive Assets.

This year, the haul is valued at around $126,000 (£106,000) and features a range of luxury goods and experiences, including a three-night stay in Ottawa, silk pillowcases and, um, a facelift.

Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary said in a press release: "We are excited and proud to once again be creating what is known worldwide as the ultimate swag bag.

"While our gifts may be famous for being fun, fabulous, useful and unique, they also serve a grander purpose.

“Most of the brands we include are from a diverse and inclusive array of small businesses who meaningfully benefit from the global exposure that being associated with Hollywood’s Biggest Night affords them.

“This is celebrity marketing with a mission.”

Lash Fary of Distinctive Assets back in 2017.
ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

Brands pay $4,000 to secure their presence in the opulent goodie bags, which contain around 60 items.

One of the biggest freebies for the celebs this year includes a plot of land in Australia through Pieces of Australia’s ‘Aussie Mate’ conservation packages.

Stars will be given their very own square metre of land on the brand’s ‘Envirocean Estate’ in the Western Downs region of Queensland.

Described as a ‘flagship piece of Australian native land that we are proud to own and preserve’, the packs come with ‘Certificate of Land Licence’, with terms and conditions stating that they simply serve as a ‘symbolic souvenir’ and that people cannot ‘take possession of the Parcel; use the Parcel; enter upon the Parcel and/or the Land without the Licensor’s express written consent’.

“Our Conservation Packs are designed to contribute to the preservation and protection of rich biodiverse bushland & forest areas in Australia from being exploited,” the Pieces of Australia website explains.

“The intention is for the land to be kept in its natural state and to enable a safe haven for flora and fauna to continue thriving undisturbed from the likes of excessive and unnecessary human development for generations to come.

“With every pack, we plant a minimum of 2 trees with our partners to help reforestation & ecosystem regeneration around Australia.”

Winners this year are being gifted a piece of land in Australia.
Google Maps

It adds: “Pieces of Australia acknowledges the Aboriginal People of the Baruŋgam Nation as the Traditional Custodians and Owners of the land.

“We recognise their continuing connection to land and waters of this beautiful region, and thank them for protecting these ecosystems since time immemorial.

“We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and extend that respect to all First Nations people here today.”

Coordinates listed on the website lead to a property at 253 Happiness Road in Tara, which the Guardian reports was last sold for AUD $35,000 (£20,000) in October 2021.

The outlet adds that the lot is listed by at 121,774 m², which meaning the profits generated could be ‘close to $2.5m if every square kilometre was sold’.

And that’s not even it: the gift hampers also feature everything from organic dates, Miage skincare products and edible massage oil through to a hair restoration consultation with Florida’s Bauman Medical and facelift with celebrity surgeon Dr Konstantin Vasyukevich.

Fary added: “While this gift bag does, as always, have an impressive value, that is neither our focus nor goal. This is a straightforward win/win.

The gift bags given out at the Academy Awards never fail to impress.
Yulia Koltyrina/Alamy Stock Photo

“These nominees are in a unique position to help participating brands immeasurably by simply wearing, using and talking about these products. Marketing and advertising can and must co-exist with the ever-present reporting of bad news globally. This isn’t frivolity; it is basic economics.”

Last year's goodie bags also featured a plot of land - though that time round it was in Scotland.

The present came from Highland Titles and allowed the recipient to contribute to the establishment of nature reserves, while also awarding them a title of a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe.

The size of each plot was not revealed at the time, but Highland Titles offers customers the chance to purchase plots of land ranging between 1sqft and 100sqft, with the latter costing £150 ($197).

Owners of the plots are also granted 'the right to visit your plot anytime and transfer to future generations', the website explains.

Featured Image Credit: wonderlandstock/Alamy/Google Maps

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