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Paddy The Baddy Laughs At Cartoon Character People Compare Him To When He Puts On Weight

Paddy The Baddy Laughs At Cartoon Character People Compare Him To When He Puts On Weight

Paddy The Baddy has laughed off regular comparisons to a popular cartoon character

Everyone's favourite UFC scouser Paddy the Baddy laughs at people comparing him to a cartoon character.

The 27-year-old fighter, real name Paddy Pimblett, is a rising star in the UFC world.

With his thick Liverpudlian accent, signature Beatles hair cut and a healthy appetite, it's easy to see why the fighter is beloved among fans.

However, when the lightweight isn't following a rigorous diet for his fights, he's giving himself some well-earned time off and embracing his inner foodie.

And why the hell not? The lad helped sell out the O2 in under two minutes for the UFC Fight Night that took place on 19 March.

However, there are some people that compare the fighter to a particular cartoon character when he's out living his best life.

And that cartoon character is Family Guy's Chris Griffin.

While people were quick to come to Paddy's defence, with one user writing: "Everyone having little snidey comments on @PaddyTheBaddy weight. So f**king what, the future champ can do what he wants."

While another added: "@PaddyTheBaddy what a lad, eats whatever he wants, goes into a camp, cuts down weight and dominates. That's a true inspiration."

Paddy seems to take it all in his stride, as he told Brendan Schaub from the Thiccc Boys YouTube channel.

During a recent interview for their Food Truck Diaries show, Brandon asked Paddy: "You put on some weight, you're the Liverpool Thiccc Boy."

To which Paddy replied: "Yeah, I can't lie it just happens, I can't even help it."

Paddy goes on strict diets prior to his fights.

"That's just my appetite lad, I don't even feel like I'm overeating sometimes because I still feel hungry."

And honestly, the pro-fighter deserves to eat whatever he likes without being mocked.

Still, he says the comparisons make him laugh: "I've got a little bit of a belly lad and my cheeks go massive but I'm not like fat. I take it all in my stride and laugh it off, Chris Griffin and all that - makes me laugh."

Brandon and Paddy then bond over a shared love of food, with Brandon asking: "Are you a sweet guy?"

Paddy added: "I love desserts like. Desserts, desserts. Chocolate fudge cake, cookie dough, cookie dough pie, cheesecake. We went to Cheesecake Factory the other day," after which Paddy proceeds to make this face:

Paddy the Baddy's reaction to the Cheesecake Factory.
Thiccc Boy/YouTube

Which was our exact reaction to the Cheesecake Factory too.

However, Paddy is quick to back his home, adding: "But the chocolate in the States is not as good as the UK."

Brendan agrees: "Yeah, your chocolate's better."

Regardless of the UFC fighter's weight, he's clearly having a great time, saying of his newfound fame: "It's gonna get bigger and better and bigger and better and I can't wait."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube - Thiccc Boy/Instagram - @theufcbaddy

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