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Paul Rudd’s Comeback In Movie Called One Of The Best One Liners Of All Time

Paul Rudd’s Comeback In Movie Called One Of The Best One Liners Of All Time

One of Paul Rudd's movies has been hailed as having the 'best one liner'.

One of Paul Rudd's movies has been hailed as having the 'best one liner'... ever.

When he's not busy being the sexist man alive, Rudd is most loved for his roles in film, particularly rom-coms, where he is often joined by Seth Rogen.

While most of the credit should really go to screenwriter Judd Apatow, one of the films Rudd starred in has been crowned as containing the 'best [movie] one liner' of all time.

Paul Rudd as Pete in 2007's Knocked Up.
Universal Pictures

The 2007 romantic comedy Knocked Up sees Rogen star as jobless Ben Stone, and Katherine Heigl as TV host Alison.

A one night stands results in Alison becoming pregnant and the pair being forced together, desperately trying to sort their lives out before the baby arrives.

Leslie Mann takes on the role of Alison's sister, Debbie and Rudd portrays Debbie's husband, Pete - who Debbie believes is cheating on her because of him leaving the house at strange hours of the night. When she finally discovers what he's up to, the marriage hits the rocks.

The scene in question sees the two couples out for dinner, discussing parenthood, with both men holding no reservations about admitting just how much they would like to turn back the wheels of time.

In response to the men's commiserations about their past lives being gone as a result of parenthood, Debbie jibes: "Hey, I have a really good idea, why don't the two of you get into your time machine, go back in time and f**k each other."

Rudd's character responds: "Who needs a time machine."

*Mic drop*

While Rudd's deliverance of the line is indeed what makes the comeback so slick and humorous, some credence definitely has to be given to Apatow and whoever decided to cast the sexiest man alive in the role in the first place of course.

Rudd's one-liner in Knocked Up has been hailed as the 'best ever'.
Universal Pictures

The resurfaced clip has amassed over half-a-million views, tens of thousands of likes and caused followers to flood to the comments in stitches over the scene and in agreement that Rudd's line is indeed the best comeback of all time.

One said: "This is such an accurate representation of men and women," as another wrote: Well done script writers!"

While a third commented: "Absolutely genius scene."

As well as his epic one-liners and inability to age, the 52-year-old actor has also wooed fans with a bizarre party trick which makes people appear as if they're standing next to a naked person in pictures.

Is there anything that this man can't do?

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