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People Are Hailing Ayleen The Hero Of Netflix's Tinder Swindler

People Are Hailing Ayleen The Hero Of Netflix's Tinder Swindler

When Ayleen Charlotte discovered that her partner was scamming women she got him right back


People are dubbing Ayleen from Netflix's Tinder Swindler a hero after she played her partner at his own game when she learned he was scamming women across Europe.

Ayleen Charlotte met Simon Leviev on Tinder and - like many others - lent him money ($140,000/£103,000 to be precise).

But upon seeing a newspaper report following a visit to Prague where she was seeing Leviev, Ayleen learned that the man she'd been dating for 14 months has 'seduced and swindled young women for millions'.

It was also revealed that he was a fugitive in several countries and had fled Israel after being charged in 2011 with theft, forgery, and fraud. In 2015 he'd also been convicted of defrauding three women in Finland where he was sentenced to two years.

After finding out about all of this information, Ayleen contacted the police but decided that in the meantime she would get her own money back.

Noticing that she was in a 'powerful position', Ayleen told Leviev she was on his side but instead of following through with his requests to sell her car and house to give him money, she suggested that he let her sell his designer clothes.

Working in the luxury fashion industry, Leviev trusted her and passed on his items for her to sell which she put on eBay. They included designer garments from Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton.

While Ayleen pulled in thousands, her 'boyfriend' was getting increasingly irate and leaving her voice notes and texts including threats against her and her family.

Taking to social media, viewers have been obsessing over Ayleen and her actions which bought down Leviev. One wrote: "Ayleen on the Tinder Swindler is a certified bad b****."

Another added: "Ayleen from Tinder Swindler is a whole VIBE. She was like 'okay you’re gonna cheat on me and take my money? Imma give it back to you 10 fold'."

A third commented: "Ayleen from Netflix’s Tinder Swindler pulled that Uno Reverse card."

It's revealed in the documentary - which has been created by the makers of Don't F*** With Cats - that Leviev's real name is actually Shimon Hayut who was eventually caught with a fake passport in Greece in 2019.

He was extradited to Israel and sentenced to 15 months in prison for theft, fraud, and forgery of documents but got out after give months on good behaviour.

The Tinder Swindler is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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