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Pete Burns absolutely rinsed Anne Robinson on the Weakest link

Pete Burns absolutely rinsed Anne Robinson on the Weakest link

The late singer really gave her a taste of her own medicine

While you might think reality TV is bad these days, it really has nothing on the Noughties.

Shows like 'Dr' Gillian McKeith's s**t sifting marathon You Are What You Eat and the infamous Fat Families were all the rage.

It was like the wild west of grotesque, nasty television, where entertainment amounted to how quickly the presenter could bring someone to tears.

As such, it was the perfect environment for someone like Anne Robinson to thrive.

A far cry from the jovial happy chappy banter of quiz show presenters like The Chase's Bradley Walsh, Robbo took a much more barbed approach, often picking on a contestant's social or marital status for a few cheap gags.

But every now and again, someone stood up to her, and gave Robinson a taste of her own medicine.

Pete Burns did not hold back.

In a celeb special of the show back in 2008, Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns took part alongside a host of other 'famous' faces, such as Bianca Gascoigne and Donal MacIntyre.

And in a resurfaced clip from the episode, the late singer decides to dish out some harsh words to the host.

In an exchange, Anne says: "Pete, got a lot in common, haven't we?"

"Hmm, like what?" he replies.

"We're Liverpudlians," Anne says.

A surprised Pete replies: "Oh really? I didn't know that about you."

Anne then joked that they've both had a bit of work done, but that Pete's nipples were bigger than hers.

A look of someone who knows they've been done.

To which Pete says: “I can’t see yours honey. If you wanna flop them out… or unroll them.”


And rather than offer any kind of retort, a beaten Anne just moved on with the show, asking him why he'd voted Gascoigne as the weakest link.

The clip recently began doing the rounds again on TikTok, with people loving Pete's sharp comeback.

"One thing you can be sure is that you could not try and come for Pete Burns," wrote one.

While another added: "The way she looked at the audience knowing well she had done embarrassed herself is so funny."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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