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Piers Morgan eats raw liver live on TV

Piers Morgan eats raw liver live on TV

The presenter didn't hesitate to tuck into the raw organ

If his rants about vegan sausage rolls hadn't tipped you off, Piers Morgan has made it even more clear he's a meat eater by tucking into some raw liver on live TV.

It's a gross thing to eat at any time of day, but despite writing this shortly after 8am I can at least assure you that the presenter didn't treat himself to some liver for breakfast. That probably would have been a bit much even for him.

Instead, his bizarre meal took place last night (14 December), when he welcomed social media star Liver King on to his live TalkTV show, Piers Morgan Uncensored.

The Liver King, whose real name is Brian Johnson, is said to eat a pound of raw liver every single day, devouring it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During the interview, Morgan asked the Liver King whether he believed raw liver was 'the real answer to life', to which the internet personality responded by grabbing a hunk of liver and encouraging Morgan to have some too.

Morgan didn't need much encouraging as he revealed he had some liver ready to go in the studio.

He didn't use a knife and fork to eat the organ, instead going full caveman by using his bare hands to pick it up and tear it apart.

After giving it a try, Morgan claimed the liver didn't taste 'too bad'.

Morgan used his hands to eat the liver.

"I’m not squeamish about food. I’ll pretty well eat anything raw or cooked. It tastes okay. I couldn’t imagine living on it three times a day. But I could probably have a go," he said.

Morgan's tasting session came after he grilled the Liver King on the legitimacy of his diet, questioning how much of his body came from the liver versus how much came from steroids.

Pointing out that the Liver King has thousands of followers online, Morgan argued: "There's a trust issue there."

The YouTuber responded: "While I think it's completely impossible to say what percent [is steroids], I would say I've achieved 90 percent of my physical growth, of my physical success without any kind of [performance enhancing drugs] whatsoever."

The Liver King added that he felt 'like a total piece of crap' for previously lying to his followers about his physique being all natural, adding: "I know what I did was wrong. I lied about it. I feel like I’ve let an entire generation down."

He went on to explain that while he is currently on steroids, he has a plan to move 'completely off them'.

Featured Image Credit: @PiersUncensored/Twitter

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