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Richard Hammond says his ‘midlife crisis’ tattoo took months for him to work out

Richard Hammond says his ‘midlife crisis’ tattoo took months for him to work out

The Grand Tour host admitted that he spent months agonising over the inking, Richard Hammond revealed.

Having driven virtually every sports car in the world, it’s understandable that Richard Hammond needs to do something else during his midlife crisis.

Instead, the 53-year-old got his first tattoo, with the inking inside his bicep – explaining the hilarious meaning behind the body art.

However, it’s not the only big change Hammond has weathered in recent months.

The Grand Tour star recently revealed his tattoo.
Prime Video

The future of his show The Grand Tour - which aired its most recent episode last Friday - has been thrown into doubt after co-star Jeremy Clarkson came under some serious fire.

Back in 2022, the motor-mouthed journalist published an article about Meghan Markle, during which he said he dreamed of the Duchess of Sussex being made to 'parade naked through the streets' while crowds 'throw lumps of excrement at her'.

Understandably, there was national outrage and the piece drew almost 21,000 complaints.

The trio recently filmed their latest Grand Tour special.
Prime Video

Variety reported that Prime Video would be 'cutting ties' with the former Top Gear host, and James May recently revealed they wouldn't continue The Grand Tour without Clarkson.

During an interview with LADbible, May said: “I don't think they'd want to see any two of us try and carry on the thing that the three of us are known for together.”

It's understandable, then, that Hammond wanted to take his mind off this with a 'midlife crisis' tattoo.

The trio previously worked together on Top Gear.

In an appearance on Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show, the 53-year-old talked about getting his first inking and worrying over the new addition.

“It says ‘micris fidelis', which in sort of cod Latin means 'faithful to small things,” he revealed, adding: “But it's a letter-perfect anagram of midlife crisis. So that is my midlife crisis tattoo.”

Whilst the hilarious joke helped the star cope with ageing, it wasn’t easy for the former Top Gear star to settle on the design.

Hammond showed off his new inking.
Virgin Radio

“It took me months to work out,” he admitted. “I wanted an anagram of midlife crisis.

“So, when people point at it and go, ‘you’re 53 and you’ve had your first tattoo! You're having a midlife crisis.’ That’s what it says.”

Well, we can’t wait to see what extra tattoos The Grand Tour presenter will get in the years to come.

Featured Image Credit: Virgin Radio

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