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Ricky Gervais fans are still just discovering he was in an 80s pop band

Ricky Gervais fans are still just discovering he was in an 80s pop band

It's a far cry from David Brent's Free Love Freeway

Ricky Gervais fans are still just discovering that he was in a pop band - long before he was David Brent. Yes, really - check it out:

As you can see, it's a far cry from Free Love Freeway.

Of course, we all know the 61-year-old star as the creator of one of the best UK comedy series of all time, The Office.

Then there's Extras, Derek, Life's Too Short and After Life, not to mention his gift of bringing Karl Pilkington into the limelight.

Aside from that, he's starred in an array of Hollywood movies, and has an unbelievable knack for pissing people off - do we even need to mention the Golden Globes?

In short, Gervais is a household name. But before his venture into the world of comedy, the writer and actor had a stab at making music circa 1983.

It was a time of wild hair-dos, shocking outfit choices and Spandau Ballet dominating the charts.

Not wanting to miss out on the new wave action, Ricky and his university pal Bill Macrae formed a pop duo named Seona Dancing.

With Macrae on keyboard and Gervais as a vocalist, they were ready to take on the globe.

After landing a deal with London Records, they released two singles - 'Bitter Heard' and the one you see above, 'More to Lose'.

But alas, their musical career was short-lived as their tracks failed to make it in the charts - aside from a brief moment when 'More to Lose' became somewhat of a hit in the Philippines.

Though this was actually a blessing in disguise, as Gervais went on to become the comedic legend he is today.

Every now and then, people drag up his musical career online, and every time new fans are shocked to discover this part of his past for the first time.

Wonder what David Brent would've thought of Seona Dancing...

This happened recently when Redditor u/shacoby posted the video, and let's just say it divided opinion.

"Absolutely terrible," wrote one. "You can tell his heart isn’t in it."

Another said: "It’s like an awful cliche wrapped in a terrible parody bound by an appalling pastiche."

On the other side of the fence, one commenter said: "Honestly, I like it," while another fan wrote: "They actually pretty good for a new wave band."

A third added: "Idk man. It’s not a bad tune."

There you go, Ricky - if you ever get tired of the comedic world you know what to do.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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