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Ricky Gervais Fans Disappointed Over Cameo On Piers Morgan’s New Show

Ricky Gervais Fans Disappointed Over Cameo On Piers Morgan’s New Show

The controversial presenter returned to our screens with his Uncensored talk show

Piers Morgan returned to our screens last night with his new show, Uncensored.

But while most saved their criticism for the former newspaper editor, some viewers watching at home were shocked and appalled to see another famous face make an appearance.

Ricky Gervais popped up to offer some words of encouragement for Morgan ahead of his new show.

Introducing the comedian, Morgan said: "As Nelson Mandela might have said… It's been a long walk to freedom of speech.

"But now, I’m back… With a nightly forum for fabulous guests, fearless debate. And, yes… Some fun!

"In fact, just before we came on air tonight, I received this wonderfully sincere good luck message from the world’s funniest man."

The camera then cuts to Gervais on a huge monitor.

"The producers of Piers Morgan's new show contacted me and asked me if I'd like to be a guest. I said, 'Definitely not'," he says.

"They said, 'Would you mind doing a quick video wishing him luck?'

"I said, 'Do I have to mean it?' They said, 'No'. I said, 'Good luck'."

The After Life creator's tongue-in-cheek remarks didn't go down well with some people at home, and many took to social media to share their annoyance.

Disgusted with Gervais giving Morgan any of his time, one viewer said: "I would say @rickygervais deciding to record a good luck message to Piers Morgan is the worst thing he's done this year, but I've seen S3 of After Life."

Echoing the feeling, another chimed in: "So far, so Piers Morgan Manifesto with an ironic video by Ricky Gervais.

"Thereby giving his fan base what they want, which is to flip cancel culture. But inoffensive enough not to enrage moderates #piersuncensored."

Piers Morgan returned with his new show this week.

"@rickygervais Those two self indulgent virtue signalling megalomaniacs deserve each other," put a third.

"Perhaps it's something to do with having French names."

While another added: "Good ratings. Apparently the US has sh*t taste in Britons and they export their worst. Gervais, Corden, Morgan."

Prior to Gervais' message, Morgan introduced his new show as being a bastion of anti-woke culture.

During his opening monologue, the 57-year-old said: "I want to issue an urgent trigger warning for all ultra-sensitive, permanently offended woke snowflakes who may have accidentally tuned into this show.

"You are not going to enjoy my show. It's going to really annoy you.

"Nobody's getting cancelled on Piers Morgan Uncensored. This is a no-cancel zone."

Featured Image Credit: TalkTV

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