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Ricky Gervais subtly responds to Stewart Lee's brutal comments on After Life

Ricky Gervais subtly responds to Stewart Lee's brutal comments on After Life

Stewart Lee previously labelled After Life as one of the 'worst things ever made'.

Ricky Gervais has subtly hit back at fellow comic Stewart Lee, after the veteran stand-up branded After Life 'one of the worst things that's ever been made by a human'.

After Life is Gervais' newest comedy series, although it's central plot line is substantially more morbid and heart-wrenching than the likes of The Office or Extras.

Despite winning plaudits from viewers and critics alike, the Netflix series seemingly isn't to the taste of Lee - to put it mildly.

In a recent episode of Rob Brydon's podcast, the 54-year-old unleashed on Gervais' latest creation, which centres around a main character who struggles to cope after his wife dies from cancer.

Ricky Gervais' After Life character Tony Johnson sat on the bench to reflect and share his experiences on bereavement.

Before praising projects like The Office, Lee said: "I think it must be very sad if you’re teaching drama or creative writing, how can you make a case for the things that make drama and creative writing good when After Life is a success?

"You know, ‘cause your kids could just go, 'But none of those things happen in this', and yet millions of people watch it. I think it’s one of the worst things that’s ever been made by a human," he added during Rob Brydon’s podcast.

Having previously expressed admiration for Lee's work, many fans theorised that Gervais would remain tight-lipped about the scathing criticism.

The 61-year-old may not have commented on it directly, but his recent Twitter habits do offer us an insight into how he views his peer.

On Saturday (10 September) Gervais promoted After Life to his 15 million followers, writing: "Watch the award-winning, record-breaking After life. Now streaming on Netflix around the world."

Plugging projects is nothing unusual for the man from Reading, but the timing does seem to be a tad coincidental on this occasion.

Just to make sure that fans got the point, he even started liking a string of Tweets aimed at his biggest critic.

One of the more pointed replies claimed that Stewart has 'never been relevant or funny'.

Lee, a stand-up veteran of over 30 years, will be relieved to know that the third season of After Life is set to be its last.

Gervais recently told Metro UK: "I am pretty sure it [the third season] is the final season, 99% sure… never say never. I don’t know… could I be persuaded? Well, of course.

"Netflix could offer me a castle and an animal sanctuary on an island…. But at this moment, in time? No, this is it."

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