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Ricky Gervais gives hilarious two-word answer on calls for him to host the 2023 Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais gives hilarious two-word answer on calls for him to host the 2023 Golden Globes

He's revealed how he really feels about taking up the gig once more.

Ricky Gervais has shared his thoughts on hosting the 2023 Golden Globes and it isn't good news if you were hoping he'd take up the gig once again.

A fan shared a clip of the comedian hosting the big bash in 2020 for the fifth time and called on their fellow Twitter users to retweet with the caption: "If you wish [Gervais] would host the Golden Globes again in 2023."

We'll bet that person didn't expect the British legend to actually reply, but he did.

And, sadly for all his fans, Gervais let them down with two simple yet hilarious words.

Ricky Gervais/Twitter

"F**k that," Gervais replied.

Despite The Office creator's response, fans continued to share their favourite moments from his Golden Globes hosting days.

One user said: "I do miss all those expensive, moisturised faces looking up at you in abject fear."

Another praised him for his simple yet effective response: "The best possible response. Who’d want to put themselves through that again. Your jokes are lost on that crowd of stiffs anyhow."

A third cheekily responded with: "Fine… The Oscars then?"

Somehow we can't see that happening either.

But hey, there might be less slaps at awards ceremonies if Gervais hosted.

Another came up with an option steeped in world politics: "In that case...could you host the next Davos conference? Please."

Davos is another name for the World Economic Forum, which discusses the most important geopolitical and geo-economic discussions between 2,000 or so world leaders and experts.

We'd imagine it would be quite dry, so Gervais would be the perfect remedy to spice it up.

One person had a cracking suggestion that we really hope Gervais decides to emulate.

"It would be awesome if you streamed yourself doing commentary over the awards show," the person tweeted.

"You’d get more viewers than the actual broadcast for sure."

Heck, we'd tune in to that.

If he had to tread carefully during hosting in the past, we'd shudder to think what quips he'd come up with if he had no filter.

Many agreed, calling the idea 'epic', 'great', and 'something I'd actually watch'.

So, Ricky, if you're reading this: first of all, welcome, I'm a big fan. Secondly, please do this.

The British comic's response on Twitter comes not long after the Hollywood Foreign Press announced it will return to NBC to televise the 2023 ceremony after the 2022 awards were reduced to a press release following backlash over a lack of diversity, Deadline reports.

Maybe we need a controversial host to breathe some life back into it.

Featured Image Credit: NBC. The Photo Access / Alamy.

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