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Russell Crowe didn't 'get the call for' the Coronation after breaking royal protocol last time he met royalty

Russell Crowe didn't 'get the call for' the Coronation after breaking royal protocol last time he met royalty

Russell Crowe reckons he 'didn't get the call' for King Charles III's coronation because he broke the rules last time

Russell Crowe has revealed that he won’t be invited to the coronation of King Charles III in London this weekend, and believes that it could be because of a rule he broke last time.

Everywhere the UK's monarch – or the rest of the royal family – goes, there are rules to follow for their millions of fans if they are deemed worthy of the royal presence.

Of course there are, because how could anyone live with themselves if they were to say the wrong thing or curtsy in the wrong way, right?

Cynicism aside, there genuinely are rules that you’re informed of before meeting the monarch, and some of them are pretty strict.

For example, there used to be a rumour that anywhere getting a visit from the monarch had to install a brand new toilet seat, just in case one of them wanted to do a royal wee.

Russell Crowe has met Charlie before.
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In the case of the new king, it has been claimed in the past that he travels with his own cuddly teddy bear, as well as a ‘custom-made’ toilet seat, and his own chef that prepares his meals for him, even when other people are eating at the event.

Anyway, among those rules are things you must say or cannot say in the presence of the British sovereign, and this seems to be where Russell Crowe slipped up.

Speaking on Australian radio show Triple M Breakfast Brisbane, the Gladiator star said that he ‘didn’t get the call’ for this weekend’s frivolity.

Both Russell and Charles at the Master and Commander premiere in London back in 2003.
Anwar Hussein

He explained: "It's probably due to the last time I was introduced to royalty.

"The equerry [a representative from the royal household], he comes to talk to you and then goes, 'Listen, when you talk to a prince, you refer to them as this, this, this and this.'

“The thing is, that's just not in my DNA."

Crowe added: "I'm always respectful and I'm always very pleased to meet people, but the ‘your highness’ thing, it's just not in my nature.

"I called Prince Harry and William ‘mate’.

“I thought the equerry was going to pass out."

Crowe went on to say that while he thinks Charlie is a ‘good bloke’, the whole thing seems a bit outdated.

"I view the costumes and the ritual and the pageantry with distant interest, if any,” he said.

“I don’t know what it’s all supposed to mean in 2023, nor in any other time for that matter.

“I don’t really think we need a King, but I’m sure Charles III will do the very best job he can.

"I don’t think any of us can really understand what that life of duty and expectation must feel like.

"He’s taking over the family business. That is his destiny. Like it is for many, from publishers to plasterers."

He then also told his followers not to ‘bother sending any abuse’ about his anti-monarchy sentiments.

Fair enough, Russell – we know you're only a loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and that you will have your vengeance, in this life or the next.

Featured Image Credit: Tim Rooke/Richard Milnes/Shutterstock

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