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Ryan Reynolds roasts Hugh Jackman over Deadpool 3 after he begged Oscars not to nominate him

Ryan Reynolds roasts Hugh Jackman over Deadpool 3 after he begged Oscars not to nominate him

The banter wars continue

The Ryan Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman trolling war continues - this time over their hilarious Oscars exchange.

For a bit of context, the social media feud between the acting duo is purely just friendly banter. There's no, I repeat no real beef between the two.

In fact, they're both preparing to star in the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 together, which will see Jackman entering the beloved superhero franchise by reprising his role as Wolverine.

And this is the reason Jackman took to Twitter last week to jokingly request that the Oscars decision-makers retract Reynolds' nomination for the Best Song category, which he earned for 'Good Afternoon' from his Christmas flick Spirited with Will Ferrell.

In the hilarious clip, the Wolverine star said: "I loved Spirited. It’s a great movie, we had a blast, the entire family watched it.

"I love Will, I love Octavia... and Good Afternoon, I laughed the entire way through. It is absolutely brilliant.

Jackman hilariously asked the Academy not to 'validate Ryan Reynolds'.

"However, I just heard that the Academy have shortlisted 'Good Afternoon' in the Best Song category.

"Now, Ryan Reynolds getting a nomination in the Best Song category would make the next year of my life insufferable.

"I have to spend a year with him shooting Wolverine and Deadpool. And trust me, it would be impossible, it would be a problem."

He finishes by saying: "Please, from the bottom of my heart, do not validate Ryan Reynolds."

As expected, the Deadpool star himself has shared a rebuttal, and he's decided to take a different route than his frenemy.

In an address shared on his Twitter page, he says: "Last week, Hugh Jackman lovingly asked the Academy to not vote for our song 'Good Afternoon' in the Best Song category and, well, I'm not going to stoop to that level.

"I'm going to rise to the occasion and rise above it all and I'm going to say right now that I loved Hugh's performance in The Son. There's zero sarcasm here - no wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

"But his performance as a son struggling with his relationship with his dad and his father, it's literally one of the best of his entire career and his career is very impressive already.

The actor delivered an amusing response to his Deadpool 3 co-star.

"He's already nominated for a Golden Globe so I humbly submit Hugh for your consideration."

But straight after his little speech, the phone appears to drop to the table before Reynolds says under his breath: "Wolverine and Deadpool. Who is he kidding? Not on your life chappy."

And so the banter continues.

As said, their casual roasting of each other is all in jest and will hopefully continue as they work together on the Deadpool threequel, which we can expect updates on in the coming months.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@VanCityReynolds/Twitter/@RealHughJackman

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