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Ryan Reynolds says he lied about Blake Lively's response to him buying Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds says he lied about Blake Lively's response to him buying Wrexham

Reynolds has clarified how his wife responded when she discovered he bought Wrexham with Rob McElhenney.

Ryan Reynolds has dropped a huge bombshell about Blake Lively’s response to him buying Wrexham.

The Deadpool actor and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star, Rob McElhenney had spent lots of money trying to revamp the virtually unheard of football club.

Their valiant efforts were documented in a Disney+ programme and last week, when Wrexham was promoted to League Two, marking an incredible fear for the two Hollywood stars and the club’s fans.

During a new interview with Access Hollywood on Saturday (29 April), the 46-year-old admitted he lied about his wife’s response to him buying the Welsh football club.

When the interview asked whether Lively said her husband and McElhenny were right buying the team, the Marvel star confessed: “Oh, I was just trash talking, she was always on board. There are other things that she might object to but that wasn’t one of them.”

Ryan Reynolds FaceTimed his wife and kids.
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He continued: “I don’t think you buy even a fifth tier Welsh football club – I don’t think you buy something like that impulsively with a friend so no, she was on board.”

McElhenny, 46, who is married to actress Kaitlin Olson, chimed in and said: “Yeah, I wouldn’t purchase anything without consulting [my spouse].”

Reynolds previously said the decision came as such a surprise that he didn't even have time to properly talk it over with Lively.

The A-lister appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live in August last year and revealed that he spent a staggering $2.75 million (approximately £2.2 million) on the football team without his wife knowing.

Lively is supporting her husband.

Recalling the conversation he had at the time, Reynolds remembers jokingly telling his wife: "I have bad news and I have really bad news."

He continued: "The bad news is I slipped into someone’s [direct messages] again. The really bad news is I might have bought half of a fifth-tier national football league in Wales."

The Gossip Girl star was stunned as you can imagine but she is now fully on board with the pair’s football dreams.

Reynolds FaceTimed Lively on the night of Wrexham’s winning game, as fans celebrated their club's promotion, and it's fair to say that she was proper chuffed with the news.

It had been 15 years since the club was last in the football league, having dropped out of League Two in 2009, the 3-1 win came as a huge moment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Access Hollywood Insta / @blakelively

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