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Who Is Simple Simon's Daughter?

Who Is Simple Simon's Daughter?

As TikTok's Simple Simon prepares to fight Ed Matthews, the 52-year-old's daughter has been central to their scraps. Who is Keeley Colbran?

As TikTok's Simple Simon prepares to fight Ed Matthews this Saturday, the 52-year-old's teenage daughter has been central to duo's scraps.

Simon "Simple Simon" Colbran and Matthews feud began when the 19-year-old mocked Colbran for making videos videos with 21-year-old Astrid Wett, an OnlyFans star. They agreed to settle their differences in the ring hosted by Kingpyn this Saturday in the O2 Arena.

Since then, Matthews has made constant jabs at Colbran's 18-year-old daughter, Keeley. He has done stunts such as dropping his trousers to reveal a pair of boxer shorts with Keeley’s face printed on the front.

At a press conference for the boxing match last month, Matthew brought a sex toy for Colbran to pass onto his daughter. He hit Colbran in the face with the sex toy, who then landed a swift punch to Matthew's face.

Who is Keeley Colbran?

Keeley is 18-year-old currently studying at Loughborough University. She features in several of her father's TikToks (@simple.simon.8), primarily in lighthearted dance videos. She often jokes in other videos that she does not think her dad will win the fight.

The teenager was also responsible for her father joining the app, and arguably the reason for his success. Simple Simon told LADbible: “Because my daughter was quite big on TikTok at the time, and she's grown on there as well."

"And basically one day she said to me, ‘Oh, Dad, we should do like a TikTok video and put it on my account’ [on her account]. And I went, ‘Yeah, okay’."

Keeley is on TikTok as @keeley.dancex and currently has 361.5K followers. Her videos are primarily dance videos but also include some clips of her playing football.

Her skills on the field are no surprise consider her father played professionally in Germany and semi-professionally in the UK before going into coaching.

Over on her Instagram (@keeley.x.x) she has 69.7k followers. A recent post has her, Astrid Wett, her father and Callum the Dragon.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok Keeley Colbran

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