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Fans Freaked Out By What Shakira Did With Her Tongue During Super Bowl Half Time Show

Fans Freaked Out By What Shakira Did With Her Tongue During Super Bowl Half Time Show

So, unless you've been living underneath a rock for ages, you'll probably have noticed that the Super Bowl is taking place tonight.

Even if you're not up for the actual sport on offer - or, if you're in the UK, don't understand the rules - there's always enough going on in the spectacle to keep the average person interested.


We're taking - of course - about the Super Bowl Half Time Show.

Yes, it's a big, glitzy, often controversial excuse to wheel out some musical superstars onto a makeshift stage on the middle of the pitch.

This year, the honour fell to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

It was the Colombian singer Shakira that set tongues wagging, both literally and figuratively.


During her performance, the South American songstress stared right down the lens of the camera and performed a particularly bizarre noise and movement with her tongue.

You really have to see it for it to make sense. Even then it still doesn't.

There's not really a suitable name for it, but it's bloody strange, that's for sure.

Anyway, it has massively divided opinion online - which isn't exactly new, admittedly - with some wondering why she did it, and others thinking that she made a bit of a numpty out of herself.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Shakira is my f***ing queen but when she stuck her tongue out and went 'lololabababa' I lost it."

Another person wrote: "Me: "I wonder how the #HalftimeShow is going?"

"*opens twitter to all the weird tongue memes because of Shakira*

"Me: 'Oh'."

A third offered: "Please remember Janet Jackson died on the cross so J-Lo's pole performance and Shakira's tongue flicking could live."

Anyway, once you wade through all of the comments that are pretty predictably not fit for print, there are actually some pretty funny ones starting to emerge.

Perhaps we've yet to see the full extent of how far this particular meme will go.

As for the show itself, it was a whistle-stop tour of the two pop superstars' hit list, including favourites such as 'Wherever, Whenever', 'Hips Don't Lie', and - obviously - 'Jenny From The Block'.

Shakira presumably won't mind getting a bit of stick on the internet. The 43-year-old has a reported fortune of around $300m (£227.6m) and is doing just fine, thank you very much.

Couple that with the fact that her husband is FC Barcelona and Spain footballer Gerard Pique, and you can safely assume that a group of people making rude comments about her on Twitter ain't going to lose her any sleep at night.

Featured Image Credit: NFL

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