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Viewers Spot Wayne Rooney Lookalike On Nazi Documentary

Viewers Spot Wayne Rooney Lookalike On Nazi Documentary

The footballer is quite clearly a time traveler.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Wayne Rooney is, you'd presume, one of a kind. Over the years he's had more hair transplants than we've had hot dinners, been compared to Shrek and was once even seen licking a huge lollipop on holiday while wearing a Primark vest as everyone shielded their eyes from his pasty skin.

All the while he was the face of English football, as he made his way up the ranks at Manchester United and the national squad, before making his move back to childhood club Everton.

However lately people haven't really been focusing on his footballing exploits, but more things like his drink driving court case - oh, and the fact that he was 100 percent a Nazi solider during World War II.

Credit: National Geographic

Some people noticed the lookalike while watching National Geographic's Hitler's Death Army: Das Reich, and apparently got excited over the fact that humans looked the same back in the 1930s and 40s.

There are two schools of thought to follow here - A) A simple coincidence, a lot of people look similar, or B) Wayne Rooney is a time traveller.

The former is boring, so I'm choosing to, and I implore you to do the same, believe the latter.

Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

Credit: National Geographic/PA

On the left, Rooney prepares for the Battle of Kursk in July 1943 as a member of Adolf Hitler's Werhmacht. On the right, Rooney pulls a similar expression prior to going to battle in a Merseyside derby in 2003.

Then, if we look again below, with the picture on the left remaining the same, another picture of Rooney leaving the pitch, receiving one of his six career red cards.

Credit: National Geographic/PA

Do you see the pattern developing here? Either the wind changed violently one day and he was stuck with the menacing I'm-an-angry-bastard-face for life, or similar feelings he felt at the Battle of Kursk trigger the same facial expressions 70 odd years later.

Given that during World War II, the majority of males between the ages of 18 and 51 were eligible to called up to the army, currently Wayne could actually be anywhere between 93 and 126 years old. I don't care what anyone says about his deteriorating footballing ability, to still be playing at that age is incredible.

Credit: National Geographic/PA

Given that technology has come so far in his 100 or so years of existence he was able to have a hair transplant, which he couldn't have had back in the 40s.

"It looks exactly like him, I couldn't stop laughing. Maybe it was him in a former life," one viewer said.

The secrets out, Wayne, you've been rumbled.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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