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Stephen Graham to play reformed neo-Nazi in new ITV drama based on true story

Stephen Graham to play reformed neo-Nazi in new ITV drama based on true story

RTS award-winning and BAFTA nominated Stephen Graham is set to play a neo-Nazi in an upcoming gritty drama

Stephen Graham's latest venture will see him step into the shoes of a reformed neo-Nazi in an upcoming ITV drama.

Of course, anything Stephen Graham touches turns to gold. It’s a tried and tested theory of TV watchers from all over the globe and it's now common knowledge that if he's in something - you stick it on the TV immediately.

The Royal Television Society award-winning and BAFTA nominated actor has starred in the likes of Peaky Blinders, Help, This is England and Boiling Point.

So, if you’re waiting for the next big drama, his upcoming project seems the perfect place to start:

The Walk-In, ITV’s recently commissioned true story piece, will see Graham play a reformed neo-Nazi, with the five-part drama navigating the far-right plot to kill an MP, and how it was foiled by an inside man.

Described by ITV as 'an explosive state-of-the-world series that explores some of the most critical and relevant issues of modern times including racism, freedom of speech and terrorism'.

It’s clear to see why the show has gained so much interest prior to its release date.

This isn’t going to be a show that you half-watch, phone in hand, while glancing at the TV every five minutes. No, this is set to be an 'edge of your seat' binge.

Another gritty, British drama is coming our way starring Stephen Graham.

Graham, who will portray activist Matthew Collins, will take on the leading role as a former neo-Nazi who has since become a journalist for an anti-racist organisation, Hope not Hate.

With a backstory as interesting as the drama’s plot, we will meet Collins following his return to Britain, after having fled the UK following informant work within the BNP.

And his motive? The stop the radicalisation of young, white men.

Setting out to infiltrate a far-right neo-Nazi group, Collins will see through their youthful, clean-cut image and understand their looming desire to instigate a race war.

Running moles, or walk-ins, and publishing detailed accounts of their actions online, his goal will be to expose their activities and fracture the group.

Graham's character works to expose the far-right.

With a cast including the likes of Jason Flemyng, Dean Charles Chapman and Leanne Best, it’s no wonder this drama is set to be one of the biggest releases of 2022.

The drama, set to air on ITV on Monday, 3 October, will run for five consecutive weeks. But worry not, bingers, as ITV have you covered - The full series is also set to be released on ITV Hub following the first episode.

Get ready to say goodbye to over 5 hours of your life and not regret a thing. Your Autumn viewing is sorted.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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