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Steve-O would make ’disturbing videos’ and email them to celebs

Steve-O would make ’disturbing videos’ and email them to celebs

The Jackass star said he was 'broadcasting his downward spiral in real time'

Steve-O has done some very wild and very public stunts over the years, but it turns out he also enjoyed making private content as he described sending 'disturbing videos' to other celebrities.

On the same day that police were called to London's Tower Bridge to reports of 'a person' - aka Steve-O - 'in the water' for one of his stunts, the Jackass star appeared in an interview in which he dove into his past.

Sitting down for the Diary of a CEO podcast, Steve-O opened up about childhood trauma and struggles with addiction, as well as something known as the 'rad email list'.

While discussing his drug abuse, the stuntman recalled a 'stream' or 'barrage' of messages he sent to hundreds of people as his mental health declined.

He explained: "I was inundating a list of roughly 200 people, many of them very influential people in the entertainment industry, celebrities and agents and just powerful people, media personalities.

"I was just inundating these 200 people with emails at all hours, round the clock and effectively broadcasting my downward spiral in real time."

Steve-O described his emails to celebrities as a 'barrage'.
YouTube / Steve-O’s Wild Ride!

Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, said the emails varied in nature, including 'really funny stuff' on some occasions and 'deeply alarming' content on others.

"I knew how out of control I was but [I thought] I was rad. I was out of my mind. I was out of my mind and I was making that abundantly clear."

With his email chain coming around 2007, two years after the creation of YouTube, Steve-O recalled using the platform to make 'really disturbing videos' before emailing links to them to everyone on his email list.

During that year, the now-49-year-old said he was renting four different apartments in one building, one of which he destroyed - without the landlord's knowledge - to create his own skatepark.

Two of the apartments went to members of staff, and the final was his own home, where 'all the really crazy stuff happened'.

Steve-O is now 15 years sober and is preparing for his live comedy shows in London later this month, where his performances will be filmed for the wider public.

He was detained by police on Thursday after apparently flinging himself off London's iconic Tower Bridge with a Union Flag-patterned umbrella in his hand, à la Mary Poppins.

Though the stuntman was taken to a police car after the incident, he was released relatively quickly and later described the officers as 'totally cool'.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Diary of a CEO

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