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Former Jackass star Steve-O was detained by police in London after he jumped off Tower Bridge for his latest daft stunt.

Now, obviously Steve-O is known for his wacky and wild stunts, having performed a whole host of daft tasks on both Jackass as well as shows like Wildboyz.

You might think that he may have mellowed out a bit these days, but you’d apparently be wrong, if these latest reports are to be believed.

He performed the stunt to tie in with his third comedy special, and decided that he wanted to go big to make a statement for it.

That meant flinging himself off London's iconic Tower Bridge with a Union Flag branded umbrella in his hand.

Steve-O standing on the railings at Tower Bridge.

In a piece of footage shared by entertainment news site TMZ, Steve-O can be seen performing the stunt with a shocked crowd letting out some shouts after he jumped off the bridge.

Later on in that video, police could be seen waiting for the 49-year-old comedian as he got out of the water and back to safety, pulling back on a t-shirt.

Steve-O - real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover - was then taken off to a police car and sat in the back.

He wasn’t held for long though, getting released by the coppers fairly quickly.

It would seem as if the police were - quite rightly - concerned that Steve-O’s bizarre stunt might encourage other people to fling themselves off the bridge, which could be very dangerous indeed.

The police wanted to have a word with Steve-O after the stunt.

To be fair, it was dangerous when Steve-O did it, so we probably don’t need to tell you that it’s a daft idea to jump off bridges.

It’s been quite a busy time for Steve-O when it comes to hurling himself off things, as he recently revealed that he chucked himself off the top of a double decker bus, too.

Apparently, that was even tougher than sticking the landing off Tower Bridge, because this time he was landing on concrete.

That seems logical, really.

Yep, Steve-O threw himself off a London bus.

He later shared some footage of his stunt on Instagram, leaping off the top of the bus while holding a Union Flag above his head.

At the moment, Steve-O is out and about across the UK on his Bucket List tour.

The whole thing started out in the United States with a show in Cheyenne, Wyoming in January.

Now, he’s already performed in Manchester and a few other places, with five dates remaining in places like London and Birmingham.

That’s if he can stay on the right side of the law and keep himself from any serious injuries along the way.

LADbible has contacted the Metropolitan Police for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Steve-O

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