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Steve-O says there's a very important reason he doesn't ever want to be happy

Steve-O says there's a very important reason he doesn't ever want to be happy

The Jackass star admits it offends him when people ask if he’s content in life

Steve-O has said he doesn't want to be happy in life, but he's got a very good reason why he thinks that.

The Jackass star appeared on an upcoming episode of Mythical Kitchen's Last Meals to talk about life, death and what he'd like the final dish of his life to be.

Chatting to Last Meals host Josh Scherer, Steve-O's final question to tackle was whether or not he was happy and he gave a fascinating answer.

"Man, that's a tough question. I started the last chapter of my book that I put out last year, A Hard Kick In The Nuts, with that question," Steve-O explained.

"In quotes: Are you happy? I went on to explain that that question has always offended me, it feels invasive, it feels personal.

"It bothers me because when I hear it a quick scan tells me no, I'm not happy. Like, I'm gripped by anxiety, I'm totally uncomfortable and like ahhhh," the former Jackass star said with a shout.

Steve-O was asked if he was happy, and had an important reason why he wasn't.
YouTube/Mythical Kitchen

While being 'totally uncomfortable and like ahhhh' doesn't sound great, Steve-O explained why he doesn't ever want to be happy.

He said: "It's just somehow not socially acceptable to say that you're not happy. So I really just thought about this and I just chewed on it and I arrived at the conclusion that I'm not happy and I don't want to be happy.

"Because to be happy it seems dangerously close to being lazy, you know if you're content, you don't need anything you're just chilling.

"I've got this default mode where I feel like everything's not gonna be ok, I gotta frantically hurry up and hustle to try and set myself up so that I'll be ok.

"That's the fire under my ass that keeps me hustling. So if I had a choice, be happy or just gripped by anxiety and just hustling, striving and accomplishing I'd choose the hustle man."

"I'm not happy and I don't want to be happy," Steve-O said as he explained he prefers the hustle.

He summed up his answer to the question of whether he was happy as 'a definite no'.

It's true, Steve-O never really stops hustling and some of the things he's done really have to be seen to be believed.

He once released a range of hot sauce titled 'Steve-Os Hot Sauce For Your Butthole' and... well, he certainly demonstrated that you could put it up there.

It's not the first time he's seasoned himself with hot sauce, having poured some into his eye previously.

He's also sold dolls which contained his actual hair and scored some incredibly painful injuries with some of his more outlandish stunts, but he certainly seems to enjoy the hustle more than anything.

Tune in to the latest episode of Last Meals on Mythical Kitchen’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, November 28, live at 6:00 AM ET (11am UK time).

Featured Image Credit: Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images / YouTube / Mythical Kitchen

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