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Stormzy said Banksy got in touch with him over his Glastonbury stab proof vest

Stormzy said Banksy got in touch with him over his Glastonbury stab proof vest

"It's just kind of bestowed upon you"

Stormzy has opened up about how he came to wear the the iconic stab proof vest made for him by Banksy for when he headlined Glastonbury. Check it out:

The grime artist played at the top of the festival bill in 2019, making history as the first black solo British headliner at Glasto.

Not only was his performance on point, but he made a number of powerful political points during his raucous set and was wearing a customised Union Jack stab-proof vest made for him by the anonymous street artist.

Described as a reinterpretation of the 'John Bull' English gents waistcoat updated for modern times, the piece was the perfect accompaniment for the rest of the show.

Which begs the question - just how did this come to be? After all, Banksy doesn't exactly have a 'contact me here' section on his socials.

Stormzy made history at Glastonbury 2019.
PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo

But this wasn't a problem for Stormzy - real name Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr - as it was the artist who got in contact with him.

This was revealed on the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show where the rapper took to the couch with a number of other celebrity guests including fellow national treasure Stephen Graham.

Asking the question everyone wants to know, the host said: "How do you get a Banksy bulletproof vest?"

Clearly he'd taken some tips from the elusive activist, as he replied, "It's just kind of bestowed upon you," adding, "I swear to you, that's what it felt like."

Stormzy went on to say that Banksy 'is as elusive as you can imagine', explaining that you 'get contacted through notes'.

The rapper didn't want to be TOO open about his contact with Banksy for obvious reasons.

It's understandable that he feels a bit shifty talking about the artist, as he's maintained such an air of mystery throughout his career.

"Whenever people ask me about the vest, I'm like, 'Who sent you here?'" he joked.

Norton then asked whether he wrote to Banksy, to which he replied, "No, no, no... he literally found me and said, 'I've made something for you if you want to wear it.'"

Although Banksy said he doesn't have to say yes, the 29-year-old songwriter immediately agreed to do it.

After saying that they carried out some fittings for the vest, actor Graham jumped in to ask if he actually met the artist.

A Stormzy and Banksy collaboration just makes sense.
JEP Live Music/Alamy Stock Photo

"I can't [say]," he explained, saying that he 'or she' were never there - pointing out that Banksy could very well be a woman.

"That's why it felt like it was bestowed upon me," said Stormzy. And we're glad that it was, as the collab contributed to one of Glastonbury's most impactful performances.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Shutterstock

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