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Karen Wheeler actor from Stranger Things reveals scene she would have liked to have filmed between her and Billy

Karen Wheeler actor from Stranger Things reveals scene she would have liked to have filmed between her and Billy

She said there's one scene she would have liked to see for Karen

The actor who played Karen Wheeler in Stranger Things has revealed the scene she would have liked to film between her character and Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery.

Cara Buono, 49, has appeared in the hit Netflix series since it first premiered in 2016, playing Nancy, Mike and Holly’s mum Karen.

The character first locked eyes with Montgomery’s perm-haired badboy Billy in season two, but it was the third instalment that we saw things really heating up between the pair.

After enjoying some poolside flirting, they arrange to meet up for some ‘swimming lessons’ at a local motel, but as Karen is getting ready, she catches a sight of husband Ted curled up with Holly and decides against it.

But Buono believes her character may have had lingering feelings for the younger man – even after he meets his demise after being killed by the Spider Monster.

Cara Buono as Karen Wheeler.

Speaking about the dynamic at Stranger Fanmeet 6 back in December, she said the plot between Karen and Billy was a lot of ‘fun’, but there was one scene she would have liked to have been a part of.

“I would say never in a trillion years did I think that that was going to be a plot idea, it was so much fun,” she said.

“It was just fun to play those scenes which, at the beginning, had such a comedic element in season two.

“And Dacre is absolutely wonderful. I actually saw him in Manchester for the first time since before the pandemic.”

Buono continued: “I would have liked to have seen Karen have some recognition of when he died in season three – it would’ve been nice to see even herself alone in the kitchen crying, or something.

“We never got to see any reaction.”

Buono is disappointed we never got to see Karen's reaction to Billy's death.

There's also another scene in the series - which has been renewed for a fifth and final season - between Karen and Billy that Buono actually asked to change.

Speaking about the moment Billy invites Karen for those, ahem, private swimming lessons with Glamour back in 2019, Buono explained: "When we inch toward each other at the pool and things become more intimate, it was a real line to toe because it's still a family show.

"Billy and Karen do have great chemistry - this very sexual attraction - so you balance that with the fact that there are other people around, other moms around, Karen's daughter Holly is in the pool, and there's an audience watching."

Buono said her aim was to contain that heightened attraction, rather than play into it.

"That way it's thrilling to watch, but not uncomfortable," she said.

Of course, Karen later decides not to go ahead with the rendez-vous with Billy, walking down the stairs to see her husband and youngest daughter - something that wasn't originally scripted exactly like that.


Karen was originally supposed to walk down to only see hubby Ted sleeping in his chair, but Buono felt that could have given her more reason to want to meet up with Billy, and asked co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer to include Holly in the scene, giving the mum motivation to stay.

"There are few things that really spark a strong feeling for me, but it was important," she said.

"I immediately said to them, 'You have to put Holly in there.' If not, it might give her pause. But to see Ted with their daughter, it's like, 'That's my family'."

Buono pointed out that Karen is the head of the holder - the Wheelers also being a source of stability in their hometown of Hawkins.

"People have family meals there," she added.

"It's safe, it's together, and she realizes she can't do this to her family. She realizes it's not about her. She's the grownup, and she has to make the grownup decision for her and Billy."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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