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Mum Dresses Kids Up As Cast Of Stranger Things For Halloween

Mum Dresses Kids Up As Cast Of Stranger Things For Halloween

This family has officially won fancy dress

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Whether you've got kids or not, putting in a bit of effort for Halloween goes without saying - if you don't you're a total spooky little scrooge. But one mum has consistently gone all out year after year and has officially won all of Halloween ever.

This year, her kids decided they wanted to go to a Halloween party dressed as half the cast of Stranger Things - and mum-of-three Leah Austin from Monton, Greater Manchester, was more than happy to help them out.

And the result? Three amazing outfits, with Dolly, six, going as Billy Hargrove, Betsy, seven, as Nancy Wheeler and Tallulah, 12, as Max Mayfield.

Tallulah as Nancy.

Speaking to LADbible, teacher Leah said: "That wasn't actually their original costumes. They went to two parties dressed as different things over the weekend, Dolly went as Pennywise, then we had a party on Sunday.

Dolly as Pennywise.

"I found out last minute it was a Stranger Things theme, so we just literally pulled out the clothes on the pictures. My eldest daughter Tallulah is 12, she loves Stranger Things, so she knew she wanted to be Max.

"Betsy likes to look nice so she wanted to be Nancy and then Dolly originally wanted to be Bob because she'd seen one of the episodes by accident and she thought he was amazing."


Of course, little Dolly would need a lot of work to look like Bob.

"We realised that she actually has the same hair as Billy - that's just her hair, all straggly like that anyway - so we just thought that was a really easy costume, she had all the clothes."

Is it Billy, is it Dolly?

But convincing a six-year-old girl to dress as a boy comes at a price - as Leah found out.

"I had to pay her £10 to put that moustache on. She kept saying 'I don't wanna be a boy' but I put the 'tache on and she loved it - so it was all a bit of an accident really."

The other outfits came together quite easily - for Betsy to transform into Nancy it was fairly easy, seeing as she genuinely does look like her - Leah just curled her hair, the outfit they managed to put together from things they already had.

And, even at a Stranger Things themed party, the kids stood out.

"When we got to the party everyone loved it, there was quite a few Elevens there and Dustins, but they were the only ones who went as those characters as well so that was good."

And Leah, or should we say little Dolly, is no stranger to dressing up in amazing outfits for fancy dress parties.

In the past she's gone as Beetlejuice, Chucky, an oompa lumpa and even Bruce Bogtrotter.


Leah added: "She's the youngest so I can still sort of bribe her into anything, whereas the other two wanna look good, she doesn't mind looking funny."

Dolly loves dressing up.

So it looks like Leah and her girls have completed Halloween, LADs - if you think you can beat their efforts, send them our way.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/Netflix

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