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Dacre Montgomery Reveals Being Bullied Helped Him Play A Bully In Stranger Things Season 3

Dacre Montgomery Reveals Being Bullied Helped Him Play A Bully In Stranger Things Season 3

Dacre Montgomery shares with LADbible Australia how bullying helped him play Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things Season 3.

Mel Ho

Mel Ho

When it comes to Dacre Montgomery, the word 'bully' is a far shot from the mind.That's because the Perth-born actor is actually one of the nicest blokes but Stranger Things fans can expect to see another side to him.

We were first introduced to Montgomery in the second season of Netflix's hit show, and as he returns to Hawkins as mullet-rocking bad boy, Billy Hargrove, we'll truly get to see the character's antagonising qualities as the season plays out. Montgomery teases it will have a "really good pay off in the end."

The 24-year-old's laidback Aussie charm and personality would have you believe he could play the stereotypical high school jock but contrary to this, Montgomery shared with LADbible Australia he was bullied growing up. He shared with us: "I just remember a kid in school getting really upset with me about something I said in passing and [he] just found a reason to get really angry with me about it. They found me at lunch and I was by myself. With all their mates, [they] took me to the back of the school."

It was those personal experiences from his childhood and adolescence that enabled him to draw inspiration for his character of Billy. He tells us: "I was bullied a lot so it was really good for me to go to that lense of the bully and go Jesus, they were really insecure about themselves. How do I play a bully that's not just a bad person but somebody that is fundamentally insecure as well which makes them human?"

By the looks of the third season's trailer, our favourite gang have 'grown up' and seen to tackle whatever comes their way together, all while facing those awkward teenage years we can all relate to.

David Harbour (aka Police Chief Jim Hopper) told LADbible the new series will see a great deal of experimentation and risk-taking which Montogmery also shared with us he likes to bring 10 crazy and career-ruining ideas to the show's producers. "They're open to collaboration if it makes sense in the narrative and that's the best part. It an ever-moving, ever-evolving process. The script isn't written and shot, solid concrete, set in stone so it can evolve as you go and that's the best part as a creative."

Stranger Things Season 3 premieres on Netflix on July 4.

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