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Fans Point Out Eerie Similarity Between Stranger Things And Squid Game

Fans Point Out Eerie Similarity Between Stranger Things And Squid Game

Fans have highlighted a weird similarity between the two hit Netflix series

Apart from both being on Netflix, you wouldn’t think there were a huge amount of similarities between Stranger Things and Squid Game. Yet eagle-eyed fans think they’ve spotted an eerie theme in common with the two hit shows.

Spoiler alert, if you haven’t finished volume one of the fourth season of Stranger Things, then this might be the time to stop reading.

Fans of both programmes have spotted that the villains in both popular Netflix shows is called 001. Yep, same name and both up to no good.

In Stranger Things, Jamie Campbell-Bower plays 001, who viewers see as one of Brenner’s nameless helpers from the past.

As the series goes on, he becomes a close friend to Eleven before his true colours emerge.

After attempting to help Eleven escape, they are cornered by guards when the first layer of Campbell Bower’s violent character is peeled back.

Jamie Campbell-Bower as 001 in Stranger Things.

In Squid Game, another character called 001 appears friendly before turning sinister.

In the final episode of the hit 2021 series, viewers learn that 001, who appeared to be friendly and helpful throughout, was the creepy mastermind behind the entire game and the mayhem involved.

Now, viewers have shared the eerie theme too. One viewer shared the discovery on social media, writing: “Basically, never trust a b**** that goes by 001.”

Another viewer commented: “Or anyone who’s first in general.”

“Lmao it's true 001 is just a scam,” said a third.

However, many fans of the series were quick to point out the original poster had revealed plot twists that should have come with a spoiler alert.

One disgruntled Twitter user wrote: “Luckily most people who see this have already watched vol1, but next time you should put a spoiler warning thingy, I'd be so mad if i saw this before finishing watching.”

Another agreed, writing: “Not gonna like this because I don't want my moots to see a spoiler but as others have already mentioned, next time tag it as a spoiler too maybe.

"Also the 001 thing was obvious to me the moment he said it.”

Fans of the show have been waiting over two years for the latest season, so it'll come as no surprise that the new episodes broke records.

Viewer figures stood at 286.79 million hours viewed during the season's first weekend.

The production company and streaming platform also noted the season has been the first ever to reach number one in a whopping 83 countries.

You can stream Stranger Things season four, volume one on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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