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Stranger Things Star Joseph Quinn Met Up With Metallica And Played ‘Master Of Puppets’

Stranger Things Star Joseph Quinn Met Up With Metallica And Played ‘Master Of Puppets’

They even gave him a signed guitar and a special pass that would let him into any of their shows.

Joseph Quinn has been given the ultimate honour by meeting up with Metallica to have a jam session.

The Stranger Things season four breakout star played the band's iconic 'Master of Puppets' in the show's finale.

Not only was the scene incredible in itself, but it helped push the song back into the charts and earn Metallica a new army of fans.

The actor got to meet James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo backstage at Lollapalooza and it was a lovefest on both sides.

Guitarist James Hetfield told Quinn he and his family have been a big fan of Stranger Things since the first season.

He also said Quinn did 'Master of Puppets' justice when he played it for real in the series.

The actor replied: “It’s all I was listening to for two years. I feel very connected to you guys.”

They got to jam out to the song backstage in Metallica's 'tuning room' and Quinn admitted he might need a lesson from the lads because he was a bit 'rusty'.

After they slayed the chords together, drummer Lars Ulrich said Quinn was hired and Metallica is now a five-piece band.

Then, after they’d finished playing, the members of the thrash band presented Quinn with his very own special guitar, modelled on the one that he played in the show.


They also presented Quinn with a pass that gets him into any place of any of Metallica’s shows.

Afterwards, Quinn said: "It was amazing! Opportunities to play 'Master of Puppets' with the most iconic metal band of all time don't come around very often. A story for the grandkids."

Quinn admits he spent ages trying to learn the guitar chords for the big scene.

In an interview with Collider, the actor said he nearly was able to get each bit right but they ultimately had to get someone in to make it perfect.

“On the day, me and Gaten [Matarazzo] just got up on top of the camper van, and just got into it,” he said.

“I played most of it. We got a kind of black belt metal guitarist to come in and do the solo, because I’m a human being. It was very fun.”

Ever since the episode dropped on Netflix, Metallica has been singing the praises of Quinn and of the TV show for helping introduce a bit of heavy metal to fans all across the world.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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