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The Chase contestant makes history by saying pass to question and getting answer right

The Chase contestant makes history by saying pass to question and getting answer right

Bradley Walsh had asked a contestant a question about computer security

A contestant on The Chase has made history by getting a question right in the flukiest and most brilliant way – leaving even host Bradley Walsh absolutely stunned.

In Thursday's episode (18 May) of the show, contestants Miriam, Fintan, Ewan and Caroline battled it out against Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett to take home the cash.

But one of them ended up with a memorable appearance on the show for a very different reason, having accidentally managed to answer a question that he wasn’t sure about.

When it was Fintan’s turn, Walsh asked him a question about computer security - a topic that will no doubt make many people’s minds completely gloss over.

Fintan was a contestant on The Chase who got VERY lucky this week.

It was exactly the same for Fintan, but amazingly, he managed to answer correctly by total chance.

"In computer security what word would go before code, phrase and word,” Walsh asked.

Clearly unable to answer, Fintan responded: “Pass.”

A surprised Walsh then said in shock: “Correct!”

Indeed, the answer was 'Pass', as in 'pass code', 'pass phrase' and 'password'.

As the audience laughed, Fintan went on to get his next question wrong, but the one after that he answered correctly.

After his round, Walsh turned to the camera looking absolutely stunned.

“It’s happened!” he said.

“It’s actually happened. It’s actually happened... The word ‘pass’ is an answer!”

Looking at Fintan, he added: “You jammy so-and-so.”

Bradley Walsh was absolutely stunned.

Not that it really matters after things peaked with that, but Fintan was eventually caught and sent home empty handed after he went head-to-head with Labbett, having had his hopes on bagging £50,000 and a spot in the final.

Still, while he may have gone home empty handed in the financial sense, at least he’s a winner in our eyes for that accidental flash of genius.

Others online found the clip equally hilarious when it was posted on TikTok by the programme.

“After 14 years of #TheChase, it FINALLY happened!” the caption said.

“And it's as GLORIOUS as we imagined.”

One person commented: “His face when he said correct.”

Someone else wrote: “This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.”

One said: "Task failed successfully", while a fourth added: “No way.”

Another wrote: “'You jammy so-and-so' has got to be one of the most British insults ever.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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