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The Devil's Hour actor says she started experiencing same chilling things as character in the series

The Devil's Hour actor says she started experiencing same chilling things as character in the series

Amazon Prime thriller The Devil's Hour stars Jessica Raine as social worker Lucy Chambers

The star of new Amazon Prime series The Devil’s Hour has revealed she started experiencing the same chilling issue as her character in the programme. Watch the trailer here:

Jessica Raine stars in the new show as Lucy Chambers, a social worker who becomes concerned by her young son’s strange behaviour, which includes sleep-walking and claiming he can see people who are not there.

During a Q&A screening with press, Raine explained that, while shooting the series, she’d been put up in a ‘big house’ - where she was alone.

Jessica Raine as Lucy Chambers.
Amazon Prime

She recalled: "Production very kindly put me up in a house, I was commuting weekly and I assumed my family would come and stay.

"So we got a nice big house which is incredible, and they ended up not coming because I was just always working.

"So I ended up just rattling around in this house that I was unfamiliar with and it was not good during this shoot.”

Raine's character wakes up from a disturbing dream every night at the same time of 3.33am - this lack of sleep being something the actor ended up experiencing herself.

Amazon Prime

"I lost the ability to sleep,” Raine said.

“I'm not a method actor but that freaked me out, and I did wake up at 3.28 and I was like 'This is too close'.

"I did not like that, I'm not going back there."

The thriller also stars Peter Capaldi as the mysterious Gideon, and features the likes of Nikesh Patel, Meera Syal, Alex Ferns, Phil Dunster, Barbara Marten and more.

A synopsis from Amazon Prime says: “Peter Capaldi (Gideon) and Jessica Raine (Lucy) star in The Devil’s Hour, a gripping psychological thriller where Lucy’s nightmares draw her into a hunt for a serial killer in a world where nothing is as it seems.”

Peter Capaldi also stars in the series.
Amazon Prime

Creator Tom Moran also discussed the concept of ‘The Devil’s Hour’ - which some believe is very much a real thing.

"The belief that it is real, I didn't make that up," he explained.

"If you are asking me if it's a real thing? If the threshold between the world of the living and the dead really is thinner between the hours of three and four? I don't think I'm qualified to answer that question."

Watch The Devil's Hour on Amazon Prime now.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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