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Behind the scenes footage of The Inbetweeners filming field trip is funnier then actual episode

Behind the scenes footage of The Inbetweeners filming field trip is funnier then actual episode

Definitely need to watch the episode again

For fans of The Inbetweeners, there are too many highlights to mention: Thorpe Park, Will crawling through dog poo, and Simon getting called a paedo, to name just a few. Ah, good times.

One moment that will live long in the memory, though, is their infamous school trip which ended up with Neil beating the living s**t out of a fish.

Behind the scenes footage from that iconic episode has since resurfaced, and it's even funnier than what was broadcast:

For those of you who aren't big fans of the show, here's a little background to the scene.

In the first episode of the second season, Simon, Will, and Jay head off with the rest of their geography class for the annual field trip to Swanage.

Neil is also allowed to tag along, despite not taking the subject, on the proviso that he helps the very creepy Mr Kennedy.

Along the way, Will somehow manages to make a new friend, a girl called Lauren, who he subsequently invites on a boat trip, because, of course, he did.

Neil bludgeons the fish, much to Jay's horror.
Channel 4/Styrofoam Soul/YouTube

However, what he thought might be a romantic tootle along the water is anything but when the rest of the lads turn up as well.

The nautically challenged group then end up killing a fish, while Simon almost drowns, eventually stripping naked in front of the whole year.

But while the actors involved make the entire thing look pretty effortless, it was anything but.

Footage shared on YouTube shows the amount of work that actually went into it, with Simon - played by Joe Thomas - practising how to fall properly from a boat months before the shoot.

Discussing the prospect of jumping into freezing water in the middle of winter, he says: "I've fallen into really cold water a couple of times before, fully clothed, and it's always been really horrible.

Jay was not impressed by the fish beating.
Channel 4/Styrofoam Soul/YouTube

"But looking back, I'm pretty sure I didn't actually die on those occasions, so I'm hoping it will be just unpleasant but over quite quickly.

"And it's just unfortunate that we're filming it at the end of January."

He then added: "Looking forward to raking up a bit of childhood trauma. You should rake it up every once in a while, shouldn't you?"

And when the day actually comes for him to dive into the freezing water in Sussex, he looks decidedly unimpressed. I mean, would you?

But the first bit we see being filmed is Neil bludgeoning the poor, innocent fish as Jay watches on helplessly, his face painting a dark picture.

We then see the group rowing out onto the water, with the huge camera crew right behind them as they rock the boat, forcing Simon to fall in.

Safe to say it wasn't his best day at work.
Channel 4/Styrofoam Soul/YouTube

"Oi, f**k off, don't do that!" he pleads.

But we all know what happens next, and if anything, the added feature of the very dry production team watching on makes it even funnier.

Once in the water, Thomas is then left to plod along as he receives direction from the boat, with the young actor told to 'bob' back under the water before delivering his line.

It just makes me want to go and watch it all again.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/Styrofoam Soul/YouTube

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