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Lad watching The Office on the plane has no idea he’s sat next to Rainn Wilson

Lad watching The Office on the plane has no idea he’s sat next to Rainn Wilson

Imagine watching your favourite TV show and not even noticing that one of the main stars is sitting right next to you

When you're on a plane it can be worth making sure you know who's around you, otherwise you might end up on a celebrity's Instagram page.

You don't need me to tell you how popular The Office is, but one fan who was watching it somehow completely failed to notice that one of the stars of the show was sitting right beside him.

In the guy's defence, The Office is a pretty absorbing show and the actor was wearing a hat and mask.

Plus there's the whole implausibility of watching The Office on a plane while one of the main stars of The Office is sitting right next to you, if you just told people that had happened they wouldn't believe you.

Fortunately, seeing is believing as Rainn Wilson took a video of the whole thing and posted it to Instagram to show everyone what the guy was missing out on.

The guy was even watching a part of the show with Dwight on screen.

There were even moments when Dwight was even on screen in front of the guy but he still didn't clock that the real Dwight was sitting right beside him filming the whole thing.

Instead, the guy just kept tucking into his in-flight meal and watching The Office completely oblivious to everything else around him, though to be fair if you were stuck on a plane for ages that's probably what you'd do in his shoes.

Wilson has previously said that fellow The Office star John Krasinski (Jim) was the brains behind some of his character's best lines, explaining that his co-star would 'always have those extra ideas that a lot of actors don’t really think about'.

"A lot of the best work that I ever did on the show was courtesy of John Krasinski giving me pointers and ideas and tips and direction, which I welcomed," he said.

Had the man just turned his head to look he'd have seen Rainn Wilson right next to him in real life.

In the past, Wilson has said he'd be up for some sort of Office reunion, though not all of the cast are quite as keen as he was.

While Krasinski and Angela Kinsey have also said they'd be up for getting the gang back together, Steve Carell has been less enthusiastic about revisiting the sitcom which ended a whole decade ago.

The US version is originally based on the British sitcom of the same name created by Ricky Gervais, though the American Office ran for much longer.

It's been so popular that it's spawned other imitators, including a Saudi Arabian version where basically everything is exactly the same.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @rainnwilson

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