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The Tinder Swindler Reacted To Netflix Series Before Deleting Instagram

The Tinder Swindler Reacted To Netflix Series Before Deleting Instagram

Shimon Hayut responded after the Netflix series was released which documented his crimes

After Netflix dropped new documentary The Tinder Swindler on 2 February, the programme's criminal focal point took to Instagram to react to the allegations made against him the before deleting the app. You can watch the trailer here:

The hit show, which comes from the makers of Don't F**k with Cats, tells the shocking story of how conman, Shimon Hayut, scammed women out of millions of pounds.

It was $10 million (£7.4m) in total, to be precise.

Hayut, who was known to his victims as Simon Leviev, lured women in by taking them on expensive dates to gain their trust.

It was revealed that he was a fugitive in several countries and had fled Israel after being charged in 2011 with theft, forgery, and fraud. In 2015 he'd also been convicted of defrauding three women in Finland where he was sentenced to two years.

Hayut was eventually caught with a fake passport in Greece in 2019 before being extradited to Israel and sentenced to 15 months in prison for theft, fraud, and forgery of documents.

But he got out after just five months served due to 'good behaviour'.


Before the documentary dropped on Netflix, it seemed as if Hayut was still active on social media, but this quickly stopped and it now looks as if he's deleted his account following attention from the show.

Before deleting his Instagram account, he thanked people for 'support' and promised: "I will share my side of the story in the next few days when I have sorted out the best and most respectful way to tell it, both to the involved parties and myself."

He then added: "Until then, please keep an open mind and heart."

It'll come at a cost, fella.


Before he deleted Instagram, Hayut had gained around 25,000 followers since the show was released. He was also switching his account from being private to public and was only following one account.

The profile was full of photos flexing his lavish lifestyle (shock horror) - from private jets to designer clothes and expensive cars.

Since people watched the show, they've been calling for Hayut to face 'real justice'.

One viewer took to Twitter, writing: "No justice for the victims of the Tinder Swindler? It should be a global effort to put him in prison. How terrible."

Another added: "I hope the women who got swindled by the Tinder Swindler get justice. The man is pure evil and it sucks he only got a slap on the wrist."

The Tinder Swindler is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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