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Woman marrying ghost today has interview with Holly and Phil crashed by spirit

Woman marrying ghost today has interview with Holly and Phil crashed by spirit

The This Morning hosts had their interview interrupted by the ghost

This Morning hosts Holly and Phil had their interview with a bride-to-be brazenly interrupted today by the ghost who's preparing to marry her.

No, don't worry, your brain isn't playing Halloween-themed tricks on you. The bride is actually preparing to marry a ghost.

Singer and songwriter Brocarde first met her deceased fiancé Edwardo last year, when he made a surprise appearance in her home.

Brocarde struck up a relationship with the ghost, who was a Victorian soldier, and this Halloween they're set to officially tie the knot in a spooky ceremony.

The bride appeared on This Morning today (31 October) to discuss her impending nuptials with Holly and Phil, who were both dressed up in costume to celebrate the occasion.

Holly was in the middle of discussing how Brocarde and Edwardo's relationship developed when she was suddenly interrupted by the guest, who gasped in shock.

Holly hid behind a pillow as the ghost appeared.

If I were Holly, my mind probably would have jumped to the conclusion that there was a spider crawling in my hair or something equally as horrifying, which is probably why the presenter responded by exclaiming: "WHAT? What? What what what what what?," etcetera.

Eventually, Brocarde announced: "He's here."

Though probably not included on the guest list for today episode of This Morning, Edwardo kindly made an appearance anyway - as Phil pointed out: "I should hope so... it's your wedding day."

Brocarde gestured towards the presenters as Holly asked 'where is he?' from behind a pillow, before pointing and saying, "Can't you see him?"

Obviously, the fact that the pair hadn't immediately turned to the groom to welcome him and congratulate him on his wedding was probably evidence enough that no, they couldn't, and unfortunately neither could the viewers at home.

Brocarde met Edwardo during lockdown.

Many viewers responded to the segment to claim it was 'not real' - though this isn't the first time Brocarde has shared her tales about her relationship.

The bride-to-be previously spoke to Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary about her fiancé, recalling how a hand 'grabbed [her] arm' when they first met.

Speaking today, Brocarde explained Edwardo 'burst into [her] bedroom in the dead of night' when they first met, and that he communicates by 'putting sensations through [her] body'.

"When he's around, I feel like I'm being embraced, like a kind of warm hug, and if there's things that he's really really unhappy about he'll send chills down my body," she told the presenters.

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