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Portable Air Conditioner Goes Viral On TikTok

Portable Air Conditioner Goes Viral On TikTok

TikTok users have discovered an 'amazing' portable cooler to use in the warm summer rather than installing air con units.

A portable air cooler has gone viral on TikTok with users saying it keeps their rooms freezing throughout the summer.

As the world still faces a hot summer and even more severe heatwaves in the coming years, air conditioning is becoming a must-have. This past heatwave in the UK saw people desperately booking hotel rooms for the sake of having air con as temperatures hit up to 40C.

TikTok users now say they have found a gadget just as good as an air con unit that is portable and uses ice water cool you down.

What is the TikTok air conditioner?

The top liked review of the air cooler by Right Guy Reviews (@rightguyreviews) of the "TikTok air conditioning unit" says the device fills the room with "freezing air" by adding water alongside ice cubes. "This is a life saver for summer," the reviewers said in the comments.

Other TikTok users have similar devices that also need cold water, ice, or even for the cooler's filter to be placed in the freezer.

Most are bought off Amazon and are from a range of companies, which have been getting mixed reviews.

One user explained how the air cooler works in her 'Things I bought off Amazon because of TikTok'. One commenter said: "I have it, doesn't work! It's not all that." The creator responded and said it 'sucks so bad'.

Another TikToker Haily Freeman (@hailz.freem) bought and reviewed the popular Arctic Air portable air cooler which she bought from Walmart for $40 (£33). She said the device was "amazing" and worth the money.

Like most TikTok gadgets, the air coolers have coloured lights to add some ambience.

While marketed as air conditioning, the vast majority of the products actually operate as a humidifiers by cooling the air with moisture from the ice water.

Arctic Air has done several variations of the cooler with a smaller, portable one that wraps around a person's neck also available.

The similar Coolify 2 by Torras is a wearable air conditioner that has gained significant traction on TikTok (most of the videos are ads).

Where can I buy it?

The a range of air coolers can be found on Amazon sold by several companies.

The most popular brand on TikTok, Arctic Air, is also available on Amazon or in Walmart.

Torras' Coolify 2 is sold on Amazon for between $150 (£125) and $170 (£140).

Another brand on TikTok, Portable AC Max, has its own website.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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