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Expert shares how to tell if your boss is a ‘corporate psychopath’

Expert shares how to tell if your boss is a ‘corporate psychopath’

‘Corporate psychopaths’ have common personality traits.

An expert has revealed how to tell if your boss is a ‘corporate psychopath’.

Find out how to spot the signs:

In the office you can come across so many different personalities.

To simply call someone either an introvert or an extrovert is probably not telling the full story.

Whilst psychopathy can be characterised as an extreme lack of empathy, psychopaths may also be exploitative.

Leadership and High-Performance Coach Olesya Luraschi has taken to TikTok to explain how 'psychopaths are much more common in corporations, than they are in the general population'.

The psychological science expert claims general psychopaths make up around 'less than one percent of the population', whilst corporate psychopaths are a lot more common in large businesses, at approximately 10 percent.

An expert has revealed how to tell if your boss is a ‘corporate psychopath’.

"The numbers aren't quite clear, but we know that individuals with this type of personality are attracted to power and positions in which they have authority over others, which is often large corporations," she explained.

"And so, there's actually a really good way to spot a corporate psychopath and that is how they treat others.

"And in particular, if they have a difference in how they treat those above them, versus the those below them.

"So, you can spot a corporate psychopath by how they treat their superiors, their colleagues and their individuals under them.

"And so corporate psychopaths will typically be extremely charming to their superiors, they will just, you know, like, treat them so well, like basically be super kind to them, do whatever they want, give them compliments, all of that."

She continued: "And then they will typically treat their colleagues in a neutral way, they will essentially tolerate their colleagues.

"And then when it comes to individuals below them, they will typically abuse them and ridicule them, they will treat them much more poorly than they would their superiors.

"So you can really tell a lot about a person if they treat individuals very differently, depending on where they are in the hierarchy.

"And so if you know someone who's treating individuals in the organisation very differently depending on their status, that's a potential sign of a corporate psychopath. So be careful."

‘Corporate psychopaths’ have common personality traits.
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Clive Boddy, a research methodologist at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK has also revealed the 13 traits to look out for:

  1. Superficial charm and apparent intelligence
  2. Untruthful and insincere nature
  3. Cheating personality
  4. Totally egocentric personality
  5. Has no remorse about how their actions harm other employees
  6. Emotionally shallow
  7. Unresponsive to personal interactions
  8. Sense of uniqueness
  9. Sense of entitlement
  10. Sense of invulnerability
  11. Detached
  12. Uncommitted
  13. Chaotic sense of self
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