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Joey Swoll calls out woman for filming person getting changed and gets her spa membership cancelled

Joey Swoll calls out woman for filming person getting changed and gets her spa membership cancelled

He called their behaviour 'disrespectful, perverted and also illegal'

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll has had a woman's spa membership cancelled after calling her out for filming a woman getting changed and posting it on Instagram.

The Instagram user posted a story of herself and a friend laughing as they watched an unsuspecting woman getting changed at a spa.

The camera pans round to show the naked woman drying herself off with a towel in what appears to be the spa's locker rooms.

The video is overlayed by text reading: "Even a free show," and a row of laughing emojis.

Swoll shared the short clip with his 7.4 million TikTok followers and slammed the women for their 'disrespectful, perverted and also ILLEGAL' behaviour.

Filming from his car, he starts: "This video really pisses me off. Pardon my language but what the f**k is wrong with you? How do you not know better than to do this to somebody?"

He continued to explain that he had to cover the woman's body in the clip because the original had shown her completely nude.

"You and your friend sit there arrogantly, laughing at her and enjoying this 'free show' as you call it."

Swoll then revealed that the women had made a big mistake by tagging the location of the spa in their post.

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll called out two women who filmed another person getting changed at the spa.

"You're not going to be laughing for very long because I talked to them," he continued.

"You are permanently banned from going there and [the spa] is going to try and find this woman and contact the authorities to investigate this."

The influencer also shared a screenshot of a lengthy message from Champneys Spa in which they thanked him for bringing the video to their attention.

When approached by LADbible for further comment, Champneys Spa said of the incident: "We are absolutely appalled and so upset by the actions of these individuals.

"Champneys is a place that prides itself on being somewhere to relax and unwind in a safe and comfortable environment, we do not condone or accept any conduct that puts our guests at risk.

"We have identified the guests, banned them from our properties and reported the incident to the police. Rest assured, we are reviewing our procedures and policies to ensure this does not happen again."

People were quick to comment on the clip, with one user writing: "I hope that woman sues them into poverty."

Another said: "Yeah, criminal charges for sure."

And a third posted: "I just don’t get how people like this exist. Filming people to embarrass them is bad enough. But not even stopping to think of the ramifications of filming someone naked in a shower/locker room? These women need jail time."

Swoll was less than impressed with their behaviour.

This isn't the first time Swoll has called out a social media user's bad gym etiquette.

Earlier this year, Allie Singer, known as @the_rippedbarbie on social media, criticised a fellow gym-goer who was working out shirtless.

Taking to social media, Singer - who filmed the man without his consent - said: "If you're not going to wear a shirt, can you at least have some muscles."

But Swoll wasn't having any of it. In a video he said: "Listen, I get it, you want to train at a gym where everyone keeps their shirt on – fine, but this gym isn’t one of them.

"I called Absolute Recomp in Texas and their rules say you can train with your shirt off, and you signed up there."

Filming another gym-goer, on the other hand, was absolutely against the gym's rules and Singer's membership was promptly cancelled.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/thejoeyswoll

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