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Joey Swoll calls out woman for mocking man working out and gets her gym membership cancelled

Joey Swoll calls out woman for mocking man working out and gets her gym membership cancelled

Bodybuilder and TikToker Joey Swoll (@thejoeyswoll) has called out the woman for her behaviour.

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll has had a woman's gym membership cancelled after she called out a man training in the gym.

Allie Singer, known as @the_rippedbarbie on social media, criticised a fellow gym-goer who was going about his business in the dumbbell section.

Filmed doing reverse crunches on the bench, Singer complains about him working out shirtless.

However, take a look below as Swoll tells Singer to 'do better':

Taking to social media, Singer - who filmed the man without his consent - said: "If you're not going to wear a shirt, can you at least have some muscles."

Bodybuilder Swoll, known for 'putting gym influencers in their place', addressed her comments in a video, saying: "Listen, I get it, you want to train at a gym where everyone keeps their shirt on – fine, but this gym isn’t one of them.

"I called Absolute Recomp in Texas and their rules say you can train with your shirt off, and you signed up there."

He made it clear that it is indeed within the rules to train in that gym with your top off.

He continued: "Therefore you need to follow the rules, including the rule that says you don’t film people without their consent to post on social media – and people tried to tell you this.

Joey Swoll called out the influencer in a video.
TikTok / @thejoeyswoll

"Yet you arrogantly posted your response when they defended this man, and you didn't listen."

Absolute Recomp gym were said to be less than impressed with the video, and cancelled Singer's membership.

Swoll concluded: “Your membership has been canceled, you need to do better. Mind your own business."

People were quick to comment on the clip, as one person wrote: "Love this. I hugely prefer gyms that don't allow shirts off, but I would never shame anyone for doing it at gyms where it's allowed!"

A second posted: "I signed up for planet fitness today and when I tell you THIS IS NY WORST FEAR.

"I’m hoping Planet Fitness is safer."

A third replied: "The gym should be nothing but motivation and helping people grow."

LADbible has contacted Singer for comment.

Joey Swoll called out the influencer in a video.
TikTok / @thejoeyswoll

In a similar incident back in 2022, Swoll called out a woman on TikTok who shared her frustration at a 'ego-lifter' in the gym.

User @dvniel_73 looks to have deleted their account after posting the original video, in which the text overlay read: "This ego lifter at Golds kept going in front of me to do these half-ass reps."

The bodybuilder replied to the video, explaining why the man was performing the reps in that way.

"So these are called ‘partials,'” Swoll said. “This is a great exercise for the deltoid; it’s going to give you a great burn, great pump.

"The key to this workout is to only do about one-third the range of motion of a side lateral raise and to also go heavy and high rep. A lot of great bodybuilders love this movement; it’s great for size. The late great John Meadows, one of the best to ever do it, rest in peace to him, he loved this exercise.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@joeyswoll

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