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Criminal defence lawyer explains why she never lets her children go to sleepovers

Criminal defence lawyer explains why she never lets her children go to sleepovers

She has given a number of reasons to viewers

A criminal defence lawyer has given her reason as to why her children aren't allowed to have sleepovers.

They might be some of the fondest memories of your childhood, but this woman's kids will never get to experience that for a number of reasons.

Erin Bailey is a criminal defence lawyer who has gone viral recently for her take on kids' sleepovers.

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Her TikTok video has amassed over 3 million views on the social media app in just under three weeks, despite having just over 10,000 followers.

In the clip, she explains in great detail exactly why her children are not allowed to go over and stay at their friends' houses.

She begins the video by explaining that she doesn't allow sleepovers, and highlights the fact that she is a criminal defence attorney.

Bailey lists out the reasons and risks behind sleepovers, hoping to open the eyes of other parents who may not be aware of these things.

She begins: "First and primarily is the SA (sexual assault) risk. While you may feel like you know the parents who are hosting the sleepover really well, and you know and love and trust them, that's exactly who's committing SA."


Bailey goes on to explain that SA isn't committed by strangers or random people in the street, but it is those that we least expect it from that commit the crime.

Secondly, she points out: "You may know the parents, but you don't know necessarily the neighbours, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the older siblings, the friends of the older siblings," or whoever else may be in the house at the same time.

Bailey goes on to say that you 'don't really know what their rules are', in terms of roaming the neighbourhood, or who they are allowed to talk to on video games such as Roblox.

She concludes by saying: "There's just too many variables, not to mention pew pews (guns) in the house, so it's just a no for us, no sleepovers."

Users in the comments were left split by her reasoning and decision to stop her kids from having sleepovers, leaving their thoughts in the comments.

One user said: "That’s insane. If my child wants to sleep over with a friend in their class, I am absolutely encouraging it. My best childhood memories were sleepover"

Another put: "Sleepovers are a really integral part of childhood development. I think building trust and communication with your child helps this too".

However, a third commented: "I’m a Mexican mom, and absolutely no sleepovers. Uno nunca sabe."

Another user agreed, saying: "Attorney here too - no sleepovers, electric scooters, trampolines, or hoverboards."

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