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Viral question sparks debate over how people 'see' months of the year

Viral question sparks debate over how people 'see' months of the year

How do you see the months of the year?

A TikToker has sparked a controversial debate about the way in which people view the months of the year in their minds.

"I have a question," @tatumyada asked her 7000+ followers.

"How do you see the months of the year, like in your brain?"

"When you think of our calendar, how do you see it?"

Social media user Tatum explained that she sees the 12 months of the year vertically, in a list teaming down from January at the top to December at the bottom.

Therefore, she sees February, for example, towards the top of the list.

On the other hand, however, the TikToker revealed that her mother alternatively sees the months horizontally, going from side to side.

She then went on to explain that another friend sees the months in a square, with January, February, March, April on the top line.

How do you visualise the months of the year?

This pal apparently then sees May, June, July and August on the second row, with September, October, November and December on the bottom row.

"Anyway, how do you see it in your mind?" she asked viewers. "Because I'm always like, when we're in December, I'm like, we're at the bottom of the year. We're almost done.

"And then when January hits, we're back up to January. That make sense?"

Tatum's pondering has unexpectedly resulted in a heated discussion on how everybody else visualises the months of the year in their mind.

"Viral question sparks debate over how people ‘see’ months of the year", one viewer admitted.

The TikTok has sparked a heated discussion.

A second went on: "It depends on my mood but off the top of my head rn it’s feb-July and august-Jan. Two columns of 6 months"

"Hard to explain but, Square cyclical pyramid! I literally see my calendar as 3D and my perspective changes it’s viewpoint based on what month I am in," a third went on.

A fourth continued: "In an ascending spiral ….. like a staircase."

Others revealed they visualise the months in a circle, starting with January in the 12 o'clock position and June in the six o'clock position.

"I see it like in a circle that go along with the seasons," one explained.

Another confessed: "I visualize as a circle around me. Like North, east, etc. Dec. is in front of me like north and July is behind me like South. Jan-April squished."

Can't say I've ever really thought about it until now, but how do you see the months in your head?

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@tatumyada/Getty Stock Images

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